An Open Letter to Everyone Who Reads My Blog.

Billy Sings I Am The Walrus

Dear Readers:

Effective immediately, I am no longer referring to the pornographic actresses I work with as “porn whores”.

Honestly, I was never comfortable with that term — even though they are.

Or seem to be.

And I used to refer to them like that — often.

(Brief humorous aside: according to, a “who’re” is also a contraction of who are: Who’re the people at the next table? (Or, overheard at this year’s AVN Awards Show, “Who’re the whores at the next table?) )

Let’s face it — any use of the word “whore” is misogynistic, and in an effort to be a Truly Nice Guy (and overall Better Person), I’m removing the term “porn whore” from my vocabulary.

My first inclination was to refer to one as a “pornographic priestess”, but that would be ripping off Lennon and McCartney (most likely Lennon and not-so-much McCartney), which is totally bad juju, and even though I’ve never laid claim to The Egg Man, I have often found myself uttering “goo goo gajoob ga goo goo gajoob” — usually after some whacky behavior performed by the aforementioned.

Like it or not, from the onset of this particular blog, I shall refer to pornographic actresses as “Porno Princesses”; the singular shall be “Porno Princess”.

Sincerely yours,

(insert virtual signature here)

William J Watson
Porn Whore
(goo goo goo joob goo goo goo joob goo googoooooooooooojoob)

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