Gloryhole Initiations: A Few Good Stories

Krissy Kay

I haven’t talked about Gloryhole Initiations much, cause, well, it was an afterthought.

I think The Producer just wound up buying the site from its original owner, cause it wasn’t doing very well at all. Originally they were staging gloryholes at swinger parties and shit…and to be totally honest, the first few scenes are kinda lame. When The Producer saw the site, and went inside to see what was happening, he knew it could be immediately improved on.


First thing we did is made it the girl’s first time…hence the name. We’d bring them out for when the time was right…but they got initiated first.

Second? Just drag the girls out to real gloryholes. None of this swinger party shit. And I mean really…they’re not that hard to find. Next time you’re in a super-seedy adult bookshop, just go get yourself a handful of tokens and head to the private rooms. Then you’ll see what I mean.

So we took the site over, threw the girls in the big white van, and headed out for glory. Here’s a few of my favorite stories:

Krissy Kay
– Easily one of my all-time favorite Gloryhole girls. Why? Well, take a look at her butt, staring right at you. And what’s on her hands? Gloves! She didn’t want to get her hands “dirty” touching a stranger’s cock. I mean it. She’ll put it in her mouth, but she doesn’t want to touch it. And she played it off like she was “just kidding” off camera…but she wasn’t. Fuckin’ classic.

Georgia South – Hands down one of the biggest whores I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with. I mean that as a compliment, you know. How? Well…here’s a good example: my pal M. ran into a friend we once had in common…we’ll call him S. S. fucked us both over, meaning M. and me. S. has a wife, and she’s pretty rancid. M. says he saw S’s wife at the supermarket, and when he told me the story, he referred to her as a “whore”. I said she’s not smart enough to be a whore…the proper term for her is “slut”. Sluts are much dumber than whores, cause they give the pussy away for free. Silly sluts. Whores get all the respect in my book.

Goldie Cox – Right before dragging Goldie to the gloryhole, she asked if we could stop and get a bite. She was hungry. Wait…maybe it was after the scene. Anyways, I said sure, and even offered to buy. My treat! “Where do you want to go, Goldie?” Subway. I wasn’t all that thrilled, but she loves the bread there, and the tuna fish, with extra mayo and no onions. As we ate, she told me about being a crazy kid, and trust me…she was crazy.

Kylie G Worthy – I shot this scene like a year ago. On our drive out to the hole, I discover Kylie and I are from the same place! And we know the same people! Well, one person…and it’s a porno producer, and like most porno producers, this guy’s a total creep. So we talked some shit on him, and then we walked into the gloryhole and she sucked a stranger off. On the way home we laughed and laughed and laughed about all sorts of dumb stuff. Now she’s my pal. And she just had a baby recently! Yeah Kylie!

Finesse Navaro
– I think she’s retired now. At least she told me that when I saw her at AVN’s. I like Finesse. Especially her name. I think she works at a talent agency. Finesse doesn’t fuck around.

And right below? Kimmy! Cause, well, she’s Kimmy, and getting Kimmy to do a scene is like pulling teeth out of a possum, which is very difficult, even if you’ve had some practice.


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