No Way Am I Gay.

Bil Maher starts his new season tonight, and I’m thinking I’m gonna invite a whore over to dinner, then have her blow me, and I’m gonna get really stoned right before she blows me, and then I’m gonna watch my hero Bill rant and rave about all sorts of shit.

I don’t smoke pot much of late. Really, I don’t. I save it now for special occasions.

BJ’s and Bill are two of those occasions…and really, that’s all.

No, wait.


They have a new concert DVD out called “Ashes of American Flags“.

I can’t wait for April 18!

But before I state my Gayness for Wilco and Jeff Tweedy, let me share with you a conversation I just had with an online friend:

[10:45] dlewxxx: It’s like…I get it…you hate kids and love pot…move on
[10:49] billywatson3: nooooo
[10:49] billywatson3: he talks about all sorts of shit
[10:49] dlewxxx: I know….but he always goes there and I fucking hate redundant people

Bill is my main most man, and from what I hear, he adores Black Girls.

Black Whores, to be exact.

This, of course, is nothing more than Whore Hearsay (a friend of mine who’s a whore says she has whore friends that have entertained the entertainer).

Extra Bonus Points for Bill.

Does all this Whorespeak make me come off a little misogynistic?

I think I’d blow Jeff Tweedy, but no way would I swallow.

Cause No Way I’m Gay.

So if you’re wondering what a pornographer does on his Friday, here ya go: shoot a blow bang and a IR POV (I hold the camera) then contemplate the book of piss pics I’m working on and then haul ass to the gym (218 the other day!!) and listen to French Lesson 3 whilst tread milling and then haul ass to Amoeba to see what’s shown up in the used bin and then haul ass home and have my Special Friend swing by where we shall grub and smoke and then I’ll squeal like a little girl cause Bill Maher will ramble about pot, his hatred for little kids and organized religion and our fucking Ex-President.

And our love for The New One.

I’ll squeal about Bill and not what my Special Friend does to me.

And if I say it once, I’ll say it a million times — No Way.

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