Super Fun e-mails: Where Are They Now?

Gianna Michaels

The Time Traveler writes from February, 2024:

Since you were the primo-smutmaster of the mid 2000’s, I figured you’d appreciate a Where-Are-They-Now Update of a few Manojob gals you probably remember. Enjoy!

GIANNA– After her stint in porn, Gianna settled down. She’s the proud mama of four very healthy kids. All were breast fed.

KELLY WELLS– Still grappling with legal issues, stemming from an ugly incident involving prescription drugs and a neighbor’s lawn mower.

LEENUH RAE– Lives in Hollywood. Once appeared on The Price Is Right. Lost. Works at Starbucks.

BRITTANY ANGEL– Parlayed her XXX dough into a stripclub of her own. Tends bar. Bounces too.

RACHEL MILAN– Last seen pushing a shopping cart filled with used lamps.

KYLIE WILDE– Lost her battle with baldness. Maintains a bitter blog lashing out at pornographers, the Pope and hair products in general.

MARISSA MENDOZA– Nobody knows. Nobody cares.

INDIA SUMMER– Wanted for “mayhem” in North Dakota and Kentucky.

WHITNEY FEARS– Stand-up comic. Plays nosy Jewish bitch in new CBS sitcom.

SCARLETT PAIN– Went back to school. Elementary school teacher. Fucking the principal.

Well Billy, I’m sad to say that the future was not without SOME sadness. THE LOVE TWINS and their trailer-home were thrown by a tornado into a (ironic enough) nearby church.

The church steeple survived.

LOVE TWIN #2 did not.

LOVE TWIN #1 lost her left foot and married an EMT she met in the aftermath.

Gotta close for now, Billy. I’ll keep ya posted on further future developments.

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