Blacks On Blondes

Judy Star

I think this week I’ll write a whole lot about the time I spent working for Blacks on Blondes at Dogfart’s secret mansion.

So let’s start with The Band:

Billy Watson (that’s me!) -rhythm guitar for the Blacks on Blondes shoots, lead gutiar for Glory Hole.

S.S. – backing vocals, lead guitar for Blacks On Blondes.

Justin Timberlake Feels Your Pain – percussion for Blacks On Blondes.

Dogfart – lead vocals and rhythm guitar for Blacks on Blondes and Glory Hole.

I joined the band late. Our scehdule went something like this: we’d start shooing at 11 am and wrap around 2 or 3 – depending on how late the talent showed. 4pm was the second shoot of the day, and we’d wrap for dinner. After dinner, we might knock out a GloryHole or three. Sometimes our day didn’t end till 11 at night.

We had a lock on just about all the Black male talent in Porno Land, and over the 6 months or so this all went down, we shot just about any girl who would do a brother.

Check out Judy Star. Our tune went like this: Judy is hitchhiking, and she’s desperate for a ride. It’s cold, and she’s tired, and guess who pulls up? A carload of black dudes! In typical porno style, Judy accepts the ride – on one condition: she does them all in a secluded area up the road a ways. They give her a lift, drop her off, do her, and call it a day…all for your perverted fun.

That was a morning shoot. Then, there was an afternoon shoot. Then we’d sprinkle some Gloryholes in there. Then, if we were up for it, friends would drop by and we’d party a whole bunch.

It was drugs and sex and rock and roll, man. Which is to say – for a while anyway – it was a glorious time.

S.S. snapped this pic of me and Judy before the scene I just told you about. I kinda like it…it’s arty in a subtle way, which kinda represents him.

All of a sudden, one day S.S. decides he’s done. He’d had enough. Since I was late to the party, I was still having fun, so it was kinda hard to figure out why he was hauling ass. Looking back at it now, it all made sense.

But I’m getting ahead of myself.

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