My Very Favorite Things This Past Year.

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You know it’s that time of year, so I’ll take a couple of minutes of your time to reflect back on Billy Watson’s 2008, and mention some of my very favorite things that went down.

For me, 2008 was kinda weird, kinda whacky, kinda sad, kinda happy, kinda funny, kinda profitable, and certainly a learning experience.

To which I say, ain’t life grand?!

And can you believe Aught 9 is here?

How does time work again? Wasn’t it just 1999? Wasn’t everyone just shitting their pants about Y2K? I wasn’t…really, I wasn’t. I’m no Rocket Scientist, but it didn’t take too much to figure out the world wasn’t coming to an end just cause we were rolling over our odometer.

It won’t in 2012, either, even though The Aztecs said so…but that’s another blog.

So, in no particular order, I’d like to relive some of my very favorite moments of 2008, just cause I’m sure you’re wondering — with excitement — about what I have to say.

Oh, and since I originally posted this blog, I’ve added stuff I forgot about when I originally wrote it…so once you’ve read it, you might want to come back and see what I’ve added!

Left of the Dial — Dispatches from the 80’s Underground: It didn’t come out this year, but I bought it this year. I thought about buying this 4 CD box set hot off the press, but since I lived it all when it came out, I held off, which was kinda silly, cause damn! I forgot how much I loved all these songs, and all these bands, too! Hoodoo Gurus! The Lyres! Green on Red! The Feelies! The Dead Milkmen!

Little Steven’s Underground Garage on Sirius Radio: I got Sirius the year before Stern left terrestrial radio for satellite, and I found this gem of a station right away. I haven’t turned it off since. Well, I turn it off from time to time to listen to Stern, and I turn it off when I get out of my car, but that’s about it, really. I just got out of my car, too, just after hearing Foghat belt out “Free ride! Take it easy!” And the DJ’s! Handsome Dick Manitoba. Kid Leo. Kim Fowley. And Little Steven, too. Like the ad says — they play the coolest records ever, whether they’re 50 years old or 50 minutes old.

Andi Anderson’s butt hole: Not really. I mean, don’t get me wrong. I love Andi’s butt hole. What else would you expect a perverted blogger and/or pornographer to say? But seriously…I like Andi more. I mean as a person I like Andi more. Especially when she’s blowing me in my car after our dinner dates. Not really. But what else would you expect from me? How much I enjoy our meaningful conversations? (Which they are). How much we enjoy time spent together? (Which we do). Or how I love to blow loads up her butt and down her throat every chance I get? (Which I do). Oh, and I don’t even like anal sex.

Really. I don’t.

Muntadhar al Zaidi: I’m still all about the Iraqi journalist who whipped both his shoes at our Lame Duck President. Bravo, Muntadhar, my new friend!

Synecdoche, New York: I’m pretty sure it’s disappeared from the theaters now, but when it hits cable, watch it. And don’t expect to watch it just once…especially if you really want to get what’s going on. Shit, I still don’t get what was going on, exactly. But I think I have an idea. I’ll just need to watch it one more time.

Van Morrison’s Astral Weeks show at The Hollywood Bowl: I’ve already gushed about Van, and Astral Weeks, and sitting in the VIP seats at the show. But I’ll say it again: I love Van Morrison, and I think Astral Weeks is one of the greatest records ever made (even Lester Bangs concurs with me there), and I didn’t mind one bit shelling out $350 bucks to sit within spitting distance of him while he played those two sets. The first set had gems like “Gloria” and “Brown-Eyed Girl” in it, while the second set was Astral Weeks — in its entirety.

The Democratic Party: Remember when that dolt Ann Coulter claimed the Democratic Party was “going the way of The Whigs”? And don’t ya just love Bill O and Hannity and Fox and the Most Evil Vice President In The History of The US? Well, here’s what I have to say — Bravo to the Pansies and Pussies who make up the Party that’s about to take Control. No more Mr. (and Ms.) Niceguy (gal) for them! Bravo to Hillary and Joe. Bravo, Barak! Nice job to every single last one of you. Now just do us all a favor and pull us out of The Mess the motherfucking GOP has dug us in to.

Adrianna Nicole: Cause I dunno what I’d do without her friendship.

Patton Oswalt and Friends at the Largo at The Coronet: Last June I was lucky enough to catch my very favorite comedian — Patton Oswalt — at The Largo. What a club! What a show!! His friends (who weren’t listed on the bill) included Flight of the Conchords, Margaret Cho, and Michael Penn…among others. I got a front row seat, too!

Cumbang!: Hands down my very favorite site of the year. It was a blast to shoot, too. Um..pardon the pun. I mean who doesn’t love a bunch of silly rednecks, bukakke, and a beautiful black girl whose black boyfriend cheated on her with a snow bunny? (Did you get all that?)

Like I said before: 2008 was weird and whacky and sad and happy and funny…probably just like yours.

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