Spring Thomas and Mandingo

Spring Thomas and Mandingo

The Producer thought it would never happen.

I made it happen.

Mandingo is somewhat urban legend, even in the porn biz. When he’s available to producers, he’s really picky about the work he’ll take. Most of the time he isn’t available to producers – cause he’s nearly always on some sort of contract – and that just adds to his almost mythical status.

Make no mistake about it, Mandingo has the biggest dick in porn. Hands down. Take it from me, who’s shot every black guy in the biz – save Lex Steele and Sean Michaels – and trust me, Lex comes close, and Sean doesn’t. In fact, Mandingo may have the biggest dick in the history of porn, which is something I’ve briefly mentioned here before. I think he’s bigger than Holmes, and Dick Rambone was this cat in the 80’s that had a huge one, but it didn’t work…and Mr Bigg’s doesn’t ever work…and there’s no white guys I know of that come close…now or then.

Yes, it’s bigger than Shane Diesel (but not by much). Yes, he’s bigger than Jack Napier (barely). And here’s a pic of Spring measuring a huge black dick (a little under 11 inches) so I’m gonna go out on a limb and say Dingo’s clocking in at almost 13 inches.

Imagine that. I don’t even care what business you’re in: having the biggest thing of anything in an industry that’s driven by size.

Imagine having a 13 inch ding dong.

Anyways, I have an agent friend who had Dingo’s number, but he told me Dingo wouldn’t be cheap…but that was OK by me. He shouldn’t be cheap. I placed the call, left a message on his voice mail, and waited a few weeks. I didn’t follow up a bunch of times…didn’t bug him. I just waited.

Out of the blue Mandingo called and asked what I wanted.

“I want to hire you for a website I shoot. It’s called Spring Thomas.”

He didn’t really say anything other than “I’ll get back to you.”

Which means he’s going to go home, type-in S-P-R-I-N-G-T-H-O-M-A-S to see if he wants to fuck her or not.

Do I need to tell you he called me back the next day? And within a week, I had Mandingo on my set. The Producer couldn’t believe it; in fact, I think he said something like Mandingo’s gonna flake – you watch and see. Then he tossed out some myth about Dingo…a few of which I don’t remember, except the best one ever: that his dick was so huge he had to have a blood transfusion right before he went to work. Oh, and that he couldn’t keep his dick hard for too long, or he’d pass out from lack of blood to his brain.

I’m not making any of this up. And none of it’s true.

I gotta admit I was intimidated by Dingo, but all in all, he turned out to be a cool cat. He’s quiet, doesn’t say much, and likes to smoke a cig and sip a Heineken before he walks on set. I got to work with him 4 times for Spring’s site:

Spring Thomas and Mandingo, scene 1: Spring’s looking for new guys, and Mandingo comes in for the interview. Spring and Dingo meet, and after some very serious interview questions, Spring asks if Mandingo is packing over 8 inches – her minimum for doing a guy. Sex follows.

Spring Thomas and Mandingo, scene 2: There wasn’t much of a cheezy porn scenario here, cause sometimes they’re funny and I like them, and most of the time they’re dumb and I hate them. I think she just introduces him. Sex follows.

Spring Thomas and Mandingo, scene 3: Kinda cute. Spring just turned 21. I have a present for her. Guess who? Sex follows.

Spring Thomas and Mandingo, scene 4: Spring invites Kelly Wells to her site to share Mandingo’s big fat love. There’s absolutely no sceanrio here; I just have the girls blowing his huge dick as I fade in. More sex follows.

Well, I booked Mandingo for some scenes at Blacks On Blondes, too, and I’ll talk more about that some other time. And I can’t book him now – haven’t been able to for quite some time. Hopefully I can soon, cause, I think, if Webster’s ever tried to define “interracial sex” or someone ever tried to explain the myth of big black dick, there would just be a picture of Mandingo there.

Spring Thomas and Mandingo

9 thoughts on “Spring Thomas and Mandingo”

  1. she is a nasty fucking pig. and so is her whore of a sister. hope they get stds. fucking cunts.

  2. Dude, it’s kind of creepy to post your real name on a porn or porn related site if you’re just an average guy and not in the business.

  3. I think you (Billy Watson) should put the records straight and write in your blog about what happend to Spring and Katie Thomas?. Both quited a couple of years ago right? and almost at the same time?

  4. Lmao Mandingo is 13 inches? Hahaha dude nobody is 13 inches, not mandingo not jonah falcon. Jonah is a fraud. I asked a guy named Jim Rushing who was in Jonah’s first documentary and he said he’s a fraud who’s never been measured. I have another friend on LPSG who is 9 inches himself and said Mandingo is about the same as him or slightly longer with a proper bone-pressed measurement. How does he know? He’s been in orgy after orgy with Mandingo (Fred) and has spoken to him several times as well about this stuff. That “11 inches” you’re showing would actually be about 9 properly measured and Mandingo is barely bigger than that. My friend on Lpsg (“Dnxxl” if you want to look him up) said 9.5 is the most accurate guess you could have for Mandingo. Lol regular people will fall for any of this porn bullshit lmao.

  5. Mandingo isn’t even 9” non-bone-pressed. Basically been proven with an identifiable water bottle and a number of other comparisons. What a delusional “blog”. You can find a bunch of random faceless guys as long or longer all over the net. They just aren’t attention-seeking “porn stars”. This fag talks about Mandingo like he’s the Elvis of penis lmao.

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