Mia Smiles at the Gloryhole

Veronica Jett in the hole

I had never heard of Mia Smiles before we jumped into the white van and headed out to the secret gloryhole at our favorite ye olde adult bookshoppe, for two reasons, really: since I started making porn, I quit watching it, and I’m not a huge fan of Asians. Another reason why I had no idea about Mia Smiles? Well, she’s been in the biz for nine years, on VHS and DVD, but she’s really never done any internet work. So when I told her this was an internet-only scene, she kinda got excited.

“I’ve really never done gonzo work like this before,” she nervously admitted.

Almost all the seasoned porno girls love working the gloryhole, cause it is so crazy, and they always do the same old shit, so when something like a gloryhole scene comes along – which really never happens for them – well, they love it.

By the end of the day, we had hit it off pretty well. Like I said last paragraph, she got a huge kick out of the gloryhole, and how seedy and disgusting it is, and she never once complained about anything at all. Which is to say, Mia Smiles had a blast.

I really don’t have much to say about Mia beyond that. Except she had such a blast we worked together one more time, on the Erin Moore alter-ego site that probably won’t be online until the year 2525…which, if I’m not mistaken, is the title of a song that played on the radio when I was a little kid.

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