Allison Wyte and I thank you!

Allison Wyte

A big thank you to everyone who e-mailed and left questions in the comment section for Allison Wyte. I really appreciate it!!

6 thoughts on “Allison Wyte and I thank you!”

  1. Dear Miss, Uh, Sorry. Can’t be bothered to scroll up and besides your name is fake anyway, Whatever your name is,

    1) Why do you think it is that Billy has no questions he considers worth asking you?

    2) What fucked-up things in your life led you into a life of pron? And please don’t claim to have no damage, cuz even girls who don’t get molested, dragged to church (and molested), or whose dad’s have really bad ingrown toenails, have damage. Course, not everyone who REALLY has damage sucks men’s penises on the intranetr either. Hey, what’s up with that do ya think?

    3) Answer the following in your own words: Sasha Grey is a) WAY hotter than I, b) going to make it really big in mainstream, c) going to crash and burn even worse than I am, d)the next Jenna, uh, you know who I mean, e) sick as shit, all of the preceding choices or whatever else you think about her. Elaborate. Pull no punches. Stop scratching down there, it’ll get all red.

    4) Which other branches of the “Adult Entertainment Industry” ( I just made myself laugh), have you worked in?

    5) Where do you see yourself in 5 years’ time?

    6) What would you charge to REALLY go to a Glory Hole and suck off a stranger who presented you with no AIM certificate and swallow? Money being no object.

    7) zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz


  2. 5)or is it 8?) Which STD’s have you already contracted in your work? Which in your private life? What was the cure? Was it even curable?

    6) or 9) Do sighs really matter?

    7) or 12) What is the greatest amount of ejaculates that you have received in a bodily orifice in one 24 hour period?
    From how many different males? Which Orifi? Was it nice?

    8 through 16)Are you enjoying this more or less than the sex scene you are going to shoot today? Meaning, do you like all the attention or do you just want to make the guy squirt jizzim all over the place, get your check and get the hell out?

  3. some questions for ya..

    1) Would you be a porn star if it paid half the money it does now.
    2) What will you take away from the porn industry?
    3) Ideal size 5, 6, 7, 8 inches or other
    4) Would you ever want your family to see your movies?
    5) Do you enjoy group sex in your personal life?
    6) Conservative or Liberal?
    7) Would you consider getting implants?
    8) Were you at all hesitant to do porn and why or why not?
    9) If not porn what else would you do for work?
    10) Do you want to be a superstar like Jenna Jameson?

  4. 1.) Would you be willing to have a gangbang with The Minion, Lil Pimp Hand, Wesley Pipes and The Insane Cock Brothas?

    2.) Whose tits would you rather suck? Gianna Michaels or Candace Von?

    3.) Who is the Vice President of the United States?

  5. It seems like there’s a number of gag questions in the sack already so I’ll probably try and put something real in.

    #1: Ever since Billy put up a link to a video in which Noam Chomsky condemned (in his own way) the porn industry, there has been some focus on the idea of the exploitation of women. Do you think that society has been shaped in such a way that the choices in your life were limited to working in the porn industry or something else that wasn’t as favorable?

    #2: A question of nervousness. I notice that this seems to come up among people who are trying to be “hip” or “cool” or “down” to disguise their shock at being in the presence of a sex worker. They will almost consistently ask about nervousness surrounding that first experience. Not that this is an uninteresting question, but it does seem to be a time filler.

    #3: A life outside the industry. Billy has commented more than once about the virtual isolation that sex workers are left to when it comes to romantic entanglements. Have you personally found it difficult to date people who know what you do? Have you been relegated to dating fellow sex workers? (i.e. actors, directors, agents, photographers, etc.)

    #4: Would you say that you lead a joyful life?

    and finally…

    #5: Do you have any words of advice to the thousands of young people who are looking to become part of your current world?

  6. 1) If a penis could ejaculate anything other than semen, what do you wish a penis would shoot out during the money shot!?

    2) Have you ever read FreckleJuice?

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