Super fun e-mails.

Sunny Day

“Denise” writes:

Dear Mr. Watson,

I have been to your Spunkmouth site and have enjoyed a few trailers showing the way girls enjoy getting a mouthful. I am a single, Caucasian female and am currently working as a hotel Hostess in Atlantic city. My job duties include all sorts of things, even sex with the high rollers. I have to admit I’m paid well, but I do not get to enjoy many big black penises, which I have a thing for. It is not uncommon for me to give head a few times a day, and if I’m lucky they eat my wet pussy too. On two occasions I have spent the night with a gentleman, enjoying sexual intercourse and other lovemaking.

I am forty-one years old and am tall and slim, with 38 CC’s. My nipples are large and tipped upward, almost always erect. I am interested in knowing how you pay, and will be out on the west coast next month sometime. If agreeable to you, I could meet with you and would enjoy performing fellatio as a trial run. Please advise.

Hi Denise!

Um, let’s see if I got this straight: you’re a MILF-workin’ gal in Atlantic City, you’ve got a thing for black guys, your nipples are hard almost all the time, and they’re pointers, and you’d like to give me a free blowjob as a “trial run” before I make the decision to hire you to fuck and suck on one of my sites?

Oh, and you refer to your work as “sexual intercourse and other lovemaking”?

Are you sure you’re not an overweight middle-aged gay guy stroking to the fact I might be getting turned on by your silly fake e-mail? I mean I don’t know any whores willing to dole out trial-run BJ’s to anyone – let alone strangers – nor do they ever refer to any sexual act they perform for money as “lovemaking”.

And I know a lot of whores.

If you’re real, sure…I’d love to meet you. E-mail me your phone number, and I’ll ring you up, and, like I said, if you’re real, I’m ready to schedule my trial-run blowjob. For this sort of meeting I’m free almost anytime, day or night; however, I don’t think I’ll hold my breath.

If you’re genuine – or a frustrated fag – I remain your pal, Billy.

PS: here’s a pic of Spunkmouth’s newest whore, Sunny Day. And no, she didn’t have to perform any trial runs before she got the job.

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