Jenny Reeder and Her Trip to The Glory Hole

Jenny Reeder

The Jedi Knight writes:

Do you know anything about the girl “Jenny Reeder” who appeared a few updates ago on Gloryhole? I’ve never seen her before in anything, and she’s gorgeous. Does she go by any other names, or was it just a one-off thing?


Mr. Jedi Knight:

The Free defines a gloryhole as “The an untidy cupboard or storeroom”.

Um, nope.

In glass making, it’s “an auxiliary furnace for reheating glass that has cooled during offhand blowing”.

¡No way José!

All defines it as “originally, a hole in a mineshaft where an orebody is mined upwards until it breaks through the surface into the open air.”

Uh uh. says it’s a “small locker at the stern of a boat or between decks of a ship”.

Wrong again.

The Urban Dictionary gets it right: “A small hole drilled into men’s room dividers to provide access for sexual activity”.

The second definition Urban Dictionary offers up is even better: “A small hole in the wall usually found in men’s restrooms or adult book/video shops meant for one man to stick his dick in and another man (or woman) to give head. It is used for both people to stay anonymous.”

Glory holes are now a world-wide phenomenon. Don’t believe me? You can even get a translation of its wonders in Vietnamese!

Căn phòng bề bộn bẩn thỉu!!!

With that said, once upon a time there was a girl who got on a bus in Ohio and jumped off in Los Angeles, California.

Her name was Jenny Reeder.

Her desire?

To act in dirty movies.

I got her phone number through a B-Level porno agent whose name I won’t mention here, only because it doesn’t really add much to the story.

She showed up at my studio on a bright, sunny day. She was friendly and cute and I decided immediately to see if she’d be up for jumping into my big white van and traveling to the newest, cruisiest glory hole my PA Doron Pepperscone had just recently discovered.

Not “cruisy” but “cruisiest”.

As in “to cruise”.

That’s how they’re classified on the internet.

A lot of people think gloryholes are fake; trust me, they’re not.

Google something like “glory hole” or “cruisy glory hole” and see what you come up with. I found this FAQ on “gholes” within 10 seconds. Here’s another glory hole guide that’ll clear up any misconceptions that these places aren’t real.

Anyways, I told Jenny all about the glory hole. She was nervous at first, but also very excited about doing some so “naughty” — her words.

So off we went. The wait was long, but it was worth it. About an hour into our wait, Jenny was rewarded with about a foot (or so) of black dick.

A few white ones popped through, but she’s very picky about her naughty behaviors.

Funny how the white girls always wait for black cock to come through the hole…and the back girls always wanna taste vanilla!

Anyways, Jenny sucked it first and then decided to give the lucky SOB a “quickie” just because she had never experienced such a massive dick.

The dude must have been really excited, too, cause he blasted all over the place.

On the way home Jenny said, “I can’t believe I just did that. It was so dirty and wrong!”

I guess that means it was a one-off thing…at least as far as future trips to glory holes go.

Finally, with most porno actresses, most jump back on that bus back home as quickly as they got off it only weeks (or months) earlier.

And they’re out forever — leaving their fans wondering.

And themselves thinking — what the fuck what I thinking of when I made those dirty movies!?

Jenny Reeder

10 thoughts on “Jenny Reeder and Her Trip to The Glory Hole”

  1. I got to hand it to you Billy. You really don’t give up trying to convince us that the girls really don’t know who is behind those gloryholes. I guess Tone Capone just happened to be on the other side of the wall when Rae Rodgers was there right? Dumbass Tone really ruined the illusion for you with his constant yapping when Rae was blowing him. With anyone needing to have an AIM test done to be in porno today, you just can’t risk having some stranger with HIV being on the other side of that wall, so there is no way you can use anyone but your contracted african american male talent. I know you have people like Ice Cold, Julius Ceazher and Justin Long back there just to name a few. I have to admit though it is quite the hoot reading your blurbs trying to convince everyone that your female talent are just blowing random strangers. Too bad most of us know better.

  2. I finally got to watch this scene tonight. Billy, tell Ice Cold not to talk the next time you use him for talent for the gloryhole scenes. You can clearly hear him behind the wall, thus ruining your illusion of a white girl sucking the black dick of a “random stranger”.

  3. I usually keep out of comments. After all, this is really the readers place to write. I get enough of that on the blog. But Michael — for someone who hates these scenes as much as you do, you sure do watch a lot…and if you don’t think it’s real, then why not just stop, and stop posting comments on the gloryhole scenes, and just focus your time on more important things? Like watching pro wrestling!

  4. Billy, I never said that I didn’t enjoy the gloryhole scenes. The women in it are hot baby, what is not to like? I just don’t like the pro wrestling kayfabe of trying to pretend the gloryholes are real, and that the girls are sucking off random strangers. Its 2008 now, and no one is buying that crap anymore. I think you would be better served to actually write about what really goes on behind the scenes for these shoots, not to shovel your readers made up crap like you are Bill Apter writing for Pro Wrestling Illustrated. Maybe in the 80’s, when the information superhighway was not 10 lanes on both sides could you have gotten away with staging these scenes. But when you try to convince everyone that these girls are sucking random strangers, and then in the scenes we can hear Ice Cold and Tone Capone behind the walls, it just makes that a bit hard to stomach, you know? The reality of these girls sucking complete strangers is about the same as the Von Erichs were really clean cut christian boys! lol

  5. Went to school with her she woluld not put out for anyone crazy how things change

  6. I went to school with her too. No kidding. Real name is [name removed. why be a douch and post real names?]. look her up on myspace lol. I graduated with her. I disagree with whoever said that above… she def put out for a lot of people lol

  7. So, we graduated from the same school, same small town and actually grew up on the same

  8. I went to school with her too. I’m female by the way so no glory stories. But she stole the Reeder name from a wrestler in my class. It’s actually pretty funny… if 90% of the girls in my hometown weren’t fat they’d probably be doing the same thing lol

  9. Her name is [removed by Billy] and she went to [removed by Billy] high school in [removed by Billy] Ohio. She lived on Reeder Rd which is how she got the name “jenny Reeder.” Now she is ho-ing it up in [removed by Bill] Ohio!

  10. The scene was obviously scripted but outside of the studio, in the privacy of a confidential residence w/o cameras she’s even more ravenous! Cincinnasti’s finest!

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