Super Fun mySpace messages: “Crap”?

Terri Lynn Doss

Terri Lynn Doss mySpaces me:

its terri doss….plzzzz remove your crap about me from the internet….id be really greatful!!!




Wait a sec. I went back and reread my original post about super hot Terri Lynn Doss, and I’m searching all over the place for the doo-doo Ms. Doss is claiming.

Where is it?

OK — I admit to beating off to her Playboy pictorial, but isn’t that part of the reason you posed for Playboy?

Besides, isn’t it a compliment when a dude admits he jerked to you?

Anyways, I can’t find a hint of crap anywhere in that post, although that doesn’t mean my writing isn’t crappy.

There’s just no crap about Terri Lynn Doss — none that I could detect, anyway.

I tried to myspace Ms. Doss back to ask her exactly what crap she was talking about, but the only people she allows to message her via mySpace are her friends, and I’m not one of them.

So let the crap stand!

After all, if it wasn’t for all my crap, there’s nothing to I Shoot Porn.

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