Super Fun mySpace Messages: “you need to concentrate more on the emotional distress of your employees!”

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Oh, the invention that is mySpace!

The greatest social networking device ever invented. Perhaps it even transcends social networking! Maybe it’s almost as good as fire, the wheel, the printing press, and porno…right?

From its Wikipedia article: “MySpace is a popular social networking website offering an interactive, user-submitted network of friends, personal profiles, blogs, groups, photos, music and videos for teenagers and adults internationally. Its headquarters are in Beverly Hills, California, USA, where it shares an office building with its immediate owner, Fox Interactive Media; which is owned by News Corporation, which has its headquarters in New York City. Since June 2006, MySpace has been the most popular social networking site in the United States.”

Wikipedia, please hire an editor!

Anyways, one of the very best things about mySpace is it allows fans immediate contact with their obsessions; people who, in the past, didn’t have immediate access. Oh sure, you could write them a letter, toss a stamp on it, and hope for the best.

From mainstream actors and musicians to wanna-be’s (and everything else in between) mySpace has it all! And it’s created a whole new way for creeps to contact their very favorite porn whores…as well as their very favorite directors.

But you know this already, right?

insterburg myspaces me:

Just spent an hour trying to find and email address so I could reply to some of the stuff you posted on your blog.

I know you must get sick of folks telling you they could do better – but like most pornographers – I think you miss the point of porn.

You’re right about it being ‘jack of stuff’ for sure, but maybe its because you’re in the porn business and pretty jaded you forget what regular guys want to jack off to.

Porn is visual prostitution.

And the fantasy the guys want is the ‘the Virgin whore’ Innocence degraded.

So when you say you were pissed with Jenni Lee trying to avoid a facial – that’s what everyone wants to see. Her emotions – not the facial, which is the same as 10’s of thousands of others.

And why do American pornographers always have the girls naked – that’s crazy, as soon at they take their clothes out they become common whores.

A few porns shoots and they get their emotions under control and you get the plastic, wooden, whore smile. You only get 2 or 3 chances to capture the transition from nice girl to whore – and the pornography business seems to miss it every time, doesn’t even see it as a marketable commodity (as with Jenni Lee)

The girls are just meat in the sandwich to you folks, when to the regular guys they are a vehicle for working out thier fantasies.

I want to know she is reluctant, has to be persuaded. . . .

I don’t want to shove my cock into a face that has obviously done a 1,000 BJ’s, I want someone that is clumsy and awkard and embarrased.

And even if I want the girl to have done a 1,000’s BJ, I want her to look like a expensive whore – not a cheap one I can pick up on a street corner (European Porn has grasped this one)

I suppose its all driven by commercial pressures, but it would really good if you guys concentrated on the emotions involved and not the physical mechanics.

Ok – rant finished.

Oh, if it was that easy, for insterburg’s rants had only just begun:

Message #2, received immediately after the first:

You’re obviously a pretty bright guy. . . .so I’ll tell you something that might help you figure out what is going on inside your head (and something surely is from your posts)

30 years ago, when I was 19, I worked for six months as an Autopsy room technician (needless to say I needed the money) I’d worked as Psychiatric Nurse, was familiar with lots of nasty stuff, corpses, guys eating their own shit, so I was under the illusion that I could handle it.

Well the reality is no more like Quincy that Pretty Woman is like street prostitution.

The first few times I did an autopsy I wept all the way through – with the guys laughing at me (to help me dissassociate from it) with jokes like ‘you’re not putting your heart into it – and throwing one across the table at me.

It’s an extreme experience in both the physical and emotional sense. Ever sliced up a 17 year old girl (and yes when you do react to the nude naked body, and its not somewhere you want go) then gone through her to her parents and explained hospital proceedures and how to register a death.

Every part of you is screaming no, but your cool and pretty much in control of yourself, much like a porn actress or director.

Eventually you get as detached from death and horror as folks in the porn industry do from sex. It took me a good 10 years to recover. I remember once watching a 4 year old kid (I had children about the same age) get run down by a Railway Locomotive, bits and splatter everywhere, and everyone around pukeing, crying, screaming and me thinking ‘whats the big deal here’

It was only during that incident that I realised how damaged I had been. At the time I had thought I was pretty much on top of things, its only when you move away that you realise how ghastly what you are doing is.

And then, right after his #2, I got message #3:

And now I’m beginning to get really boring (I expect the six pack has something to do with it). .. and the Aberlour Single Malt.

Once you’ve managed the emotional control thing – you become a totally different person. It’s similar to a combat experience (I was in the National Guard (TA) during the Falklands).

The Scottish National Memorial sums it up.

“If it be life that waits, I shall live forever unconquered. If death, I shall die at last, strong in my pride and free.”

I’m the kind of guy that once he decided to beat you to death – would do it. I’ve dealt with some seriously dangerous people in my life. I’ve never had much problem communicating my attitude and avoided violence because of that.

I’m not an aggressive person – it revolts me – I am potentially lethal.

Again, all the posturing, the emotions in an aggressive stand off have never done much for me. Why bother? The logical mind comes down to ‘Are you physical threat or are you not’ ‘Am I going to get stressed over you or am I not’

This is garbage. . . . too much drink. . .

Here comes #4 — again, right after #3!

Ok so I am getting really boring now. . . .

In a sense, your problem is that you are like the porn actors you employ both male and female, you’ve managed to switch off from what you are doing.

As a way of coping you’ve reduced it to a mechanical activity.

The turn on for folks outside the porn industry are the emotions – not the sex. I mean, where is the turn on in a cock going into a vagina??

It’s the girls facial expressions that are the turn on.

If you want to be a better pornographer, you need to concentrate more on the emotional distress of your employees. . . . .

The ultimate turn on is of course getting the girl to orgasm under someone that revolts her. . . .

It’s a turn on because she can’t help herself, its the ultimate in femininity.

It’s one of the sad things about modern porn – you never see the red V across a girls chest. . .


That’s some social networking!

I have all sorts of things to say about this, but I think a Porn Whore pal o’ mine summed it up best:

“I am positive that this guy is a potential serial killer. I’m not even remotely joking. This guy is damaged. He wants to see the emotional pain of an 18 year old that doesn’t really want to be there in the first place? Sick FUCK! And I can say that, because I have tiptoed close to that kind of sickness in my own mind and got the fuck out of there when I had the chance. This guy committed to it, bought a condo, and set up shop on Creepy Bay.

I’ll bet this guy hates women, had an overbearing single mother, was never able to get the girl that he wanted….fuck, okay, this is the guy that keeps a woman in a pit in his basement, lowering things to her in a basket: It puts the lotion on it’s skin, or else it gets the hose again!

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  1. “If you want to be a better pornographer, you need to concentrate more on the emotional distress of your employees. . . . .”

    Isn’t that the JM Productions credo?

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