Super fun e-mails.

This isn't real.

Daniel R. writes:

You have shown us an incredible insight into your life.

Thank you for that. For the longest time, I’ve seen porn as an outlet for my girlfriend not being with me at the time. The girl’s a mere fantasy. A plaything, a cheap thrill of fantasy. Your editorials on your blog have changed that for me. I see them as people too, I don’t know if that makes what I watch better or what, but you have shown people valuable insight into a world that is widely seen, but so little is known about. Keep up the good work. In all your endeavours.

Hi Daniel!

My bad.

Please continue to use porn as an outlet for lack of pussy. That’s why it was invented tens of thousands of years ago. Do you know, the very oldest art object, found in a cave somewhere in a very old part of the world, was a sculpture of a naked cave lady? Do I need to tell you that particular caveman, sitting in his cave 120,000 years ago, did not have a cavelady to call his own? So he sculpted one out of rock, sat it on his cave ledge, and beat off to it…all the time wishing a cavelady was there with him.

In other words, please continue to treat a real woman like a real woman should be treated, and treat porno stars performing in porno movies like the filthy whores they are. And if you happen to walk into a locker room and see a barely-legal teen who happened to saunter into the men’s locker instead of the ladies’, and she doesn’t run out when you find her there, then pinch yourself. Cause it’s probably a dream…and if you don’t wake up, then pound the little slut stoopid.

Thanks for the kind words, too!

Your pal, Billy.

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