Chayse Evans, Once More.

Chayse Evans

Since I’ve interviewed her once, and posted a silly picture of her (with an accompanying haiku), why not blog her?

Get an eyeful of Chayse Evans.

To me, the definition of Woman. I mean really…look at her. Those tits. That ass. The curves. Oh, my. Let me add: there’s not a drop of silicone or saline anywhere in her body.

I wanna talk about the day I shot her for Spunkmouth; it was a shoot that went down a week (or so) before I brought her back for Blacks on Blondes…and I brought her back mainly cause I think she’s someone to talk about, and, if I thought it to be a prudent and wise move, I’d do whatever it would take to make her my girlfriend.

At least for an hour or three.

I met Chayse Evans last month. She showed up with Emma Hart, who I had booked for a double Manojob with a couple mopes who were unloading a truck full of lumber for my new studio. I mean what better payment for some light, easy labor than a quick handie till you blow yer load…right? Oh sure, I paid them their hourly rate, but making sure my employees are taken care of is just one of the ways I roll.

I roll hard. And fast.

Most of the time, anyway.

Well, honesty…I rarely roll, and if I do, it’s seldom hard…nor fast.

Anyways, I’ve got Chayse on set for Spunkmouth, and she’s just past the 3 minute mark, which is usually the amount of time I allow for intros and masturbation — in other words, the boring shit.

Stunt cock steps up to the plate, and guess what? In less time then it takes to stick a finger up your butt, The Stunt Cock blows his load.

A mighty load.

Problem was, instead of aiming it at the girl’s mouth (hence the name, Spunkmouth), Stunt Cock does the whole squeeze-the-head-of-my-wee-wee-so-no-jizz-pops technique.

It’s a silly technique that seldom works, and it didn’t this time, either.

It looked like a cum bomb went off in the palm of his hand. And I caught the whole thing on tape. If you don’t believe me, log in to Spunkmouth and check the video.

Now what? We’re 3 1/2 minutes into a 15 minute BJ scene, and Stunt Cock has blown his wad. There’s no one around with a valid AIM test…except me.

Did I mention what I think my definition of a woman is? Or, if I could make Chayse my short-term GF, I would? (Short term, mind you…)

Did I mention those tits?

That ass?

Those curves?

Get an eyeful of Chayse Evans!

The next thing I know, I’m shouting at my PA to grab The Sybian, and Chayse is pulling my pants down, and it’s time for Billy Watson to turn into Stunt Cock.

That’s Mister Stunt Cock to you, my friend.

I don’t like this. Honestly. Not one bit. Oh! The sacrifices I make for my job!

There’s some part-time relief while she’s sitting on The Sybian, and cumming until she’s squirting all over the place, and the original Stunt Cock managed to get his shit together enough to come back on set and drop a second load…this time on target.

Then I followed suit.

I’m such a dirty man.

After the scene, suddenly things got better. As in I didn’t feel like swallowing a bottle full of Prozac, and living in LA might not be so bad after all, and I didn’t mind losing that partner-in-crime, too.

Oh! The things a simple BJ can sure!

Or, more specifically, the things Chayse Evans can cure.

Chayse Evans

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  1. New movie, “Billy Watson: Stunt Cock!” You’re in LA, and you’re a writer, you can so make this happen. It’ll be like Orgazmo, but real!

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