Open Up The Floodgates! Comment away!!

Cameron Love


You guys have something to say! I just made comments available hours ago…and here you are, leaving comments! Just check out yesterday’s blog about watermelon being the new Viagra!

And they’re good!

You’re also asking for more updates…but what if they’re half-assed?

Anyways, I’ll say it again — drop down to the lower left of my blog, and there you can register and then….comment away!

Maybe this is the shot in the arm ISP needs…who knows?

In the meantime, enjoy a free handjob movie! It features Cameron Love showing her love to another guy….while her boyfriend watches. It’s one of the latest updates at the world-famous!

4 thoughts on “Open Up The Floodgates! Comment away!!”

  1. Hi Billy! Just wanted to drop you a line and say how much my wife and I enjoy your blog.

  2. Billy – keep up the posting, even just the random thoughts – its all interesting and pretty friggin’ funny. Don’t wait so long between posts! As a writer, I know the importance of gettin’ the thoughts out, even if they aren’t refined and perfect.



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