Penis Size and its Myth.

dick size

When I was in junior high, I had a Social Studies teacher who was a total hippy. He’d play records while we were working on whatever it was we were working on that day. One of his records was “The Worst of Jefferson Airplane”, and I’d always wonder why anyone would name anything “The Worst” of…until now.

This blog’s original air date: February 26, 2006

My dick is six inches long.

I know, cause I measured it. I started measuring my wiener in, like, 8th grade, and I think I quit when I was around 20. It wasn’t a daily ritual, or even a monthly one; however, I bet I checked every six months or so.

Why was I checking?

Same reason you did: to see if the fucker got any bigger.

And no, I didn’t keep a chart, but now I kinda wish I did.

It’s OK to measure your pee-pee!

It’s not OK to lie about it.

Society has fucked up men when it comes to penis size…perhaps more than it’s fucked up women on the size of their breastuses.

I love all the liars who have “no idea” how big their dick is; they’re the same liars who have never beat off.

I’ve even had the size lie told to me on set. More than once. Spring Thomas, Size Queen Extraordinaire, has asked the male talent, on more than one occasion, about the size of their dick.

“I dunno,” they lie.

I hate to admit it, but dick size is the most important thing when it comes to porn. American society has taught us that. I’d go as far as saying that every society in the history of mankind has done the same, but I’m not a student of human sexuality, although I think I could carry a 45 minute lecture of my choice in a human sexuality class, if given the chance.

Anyway, if you’ve read my blog more than once or twice, you know I direct for Blacks On Blondes. And I’ve been on most sets as either a director or second cameraman since late ’02. And in January of ’03 we started rolling on Spring Thomas, and I shot and booked every one of those scenes. So, I’m gonna let you in on a little secret.

Black dudes, as a whole, are not any larger than white dudes.

I’m going to go as far as calling this fact. But before we go there, let’s take a look at the graph I ripped off from someone else’s website. I know it doesn’t take race into consideration, but it’s pretty accurate. It’s accurate cause it’s based on Alfred Kinsey’s studies. He found, after measuring something like 10,000 dicks from 1938 to 1963, that they’re usually 5 – 6 inches long.

Some are smaller, some are bigger.

(Know what else he found out? 92% of all those dudes reported they beat it, while only 62% of the ladies admitted to rubbing one out. Of all those ladies, over 80% rubbed it out using both labia and clitoral stimulation.)

Back to pee-pees: According to Gebhard and Johnson (1979), the average erect penis of males in the US is 5-7 inches and the average circumference is 4-6 inches. I only wish Gebhard and Johnson would have gone to Africa and researched dick size, cause I think they woulda found out the same thing I already know.

While booking the early Spring Thomas interracial sex movies, I actually placed an ad in Adult Friend Finder. I wasn’t shooting in Los Angeles then, but I still had to find black dudes…which I did.

Guess what?

5 to 7 inches.

We found one hung dude – Slim – and that’s about it.

And honestly, check out the Los Angeles talent pool. Once you get beyond the freaks of nature (Mandingo, Jack Napier, Shane Diesel, and Boz The Animal)…well, we’re back to 5 to 7 inches.

In fact, I can’t book a lot of the black guys running around Los Angeles calling themselves male talent, especially for Blacks On Blondes, cause The Producer is very picky about size, and, well, look back up at the chart and see what happens to the blue lines once you get past 7 inches.

I know, I know…I sound like a small-dicked, frustrated white boy.

But I’m not. Really. Just ask Kinsey.

Here’s the catch with Kinsey though. One thing I can’t find in his research, something it appears he didn’t measure, was a woman’s perception on dick size. And yea, this may sound gay, but bigger looks better, and even though most of her nerve endings are in her clit and outer labia, the perception of getting “filled up” feels better; hence, if you ain’t packing 8 inches, you’re doomed to failure in the bedroom…unless you’re a Gold Medal winner at Pussy Licking.

So here’s my final take on all this: you’re probably 5 to 7 inches long, so don’t sweat it. If you’re worried about your size, lose some weight (if needed), trim up those pubes (if needed) and learn to eat poon (if needed).

If you’re over the mark, congrats…you cocky motherfucker…still, lose some weight (if needed), trim up those pubes (if needed), and learn to eat poon (definitely needed).

And if you’re under…well, learn to eat poon (probably not needed). Lose some weight and trim your pubes (again, if needed). Just don’t waste your money on pills or pumps or stretching devices. And whatever you do, don’t get into your Hummer (or Vette, or Macho Trans Am) and head to the doctor’s for a surgical enhancement.

Cause the only thing worse than having a small dick is having Frankenstein’s dick.

32 thoughts on “Penis Size and its Myth.”

  1. Ok, so normally I never disagree with my buddy Billy when it comes to porno stuff ’cause he’s been in this business much longer than I,but on this one I gotta toot my horn.

    Although I have never had B/G sex in the industry, that’s not relevant to my argument. I HAVE had sex with guys so huge that the sex was more painful than enjoyable, and if anything I wanted it to be over as soon as humanly possible. Besides, the thought of my hole being stretched out is just enough to get me to ‘be good’. On the other hand, I have had sex with guys so little that I almost peeped, “Uh, is it in?” There is a balance, but I don’t measure penises so I am not going to proclaim to know where that may lie.

    When we talk about penis size, wouldn’t it be just as important to point out girth along with length? Guys with ‘slim’ but longer pee-pee’s can presumably get farther into the ‘canal’, which in and of itsself can be very stimulating for women, regardless of if they do or do not hit the G-spot. And guys with ‘thick’ but short dicks can cause pain if they girl is,um, inexperienced/virginal.

    I concur with most guys being obsessed with their penis size, but REALLY….honestly? The only time I judge a guy harshly on his Peter is if I know it won’t do ANYthing for me during sex. And that, my friend, is rare. As long as it is trimmed (please guys….hygiene 101), free of any nasty pimples or sores and smells clean, we can’t ask for much more. I personally realize that if it was something males could change instead of being something they were given without choice, then femmes could be a little more judgmental.

    I think chicks have the same kind of complex with their boobs. I hate my boobs, and constantly compare them to every other girl’s Bahama-mama’s that I see. I LUV boobs that are really nice. I see them in public all the time and just want to walk up to people and say,”Excuse me, you have great tits.Can I please fondle them and positively make love to them?” But then societal rules keep me in check. But anyhoo, do you think girls aren’t self-conscious because we know guys are judging our mammary’s? It’s the same thing, except for the fact that there is HUGE variation in breast build/size/form. But that’s a good thing,right? 🙂

    Your pal,

  2. I would like to know why porn stars do not state actual size. I would like to know if camera enlarges the look of the penis like byron or mandingo. I notice that when viewing white ladies with big black men and black women with big black or white men. Black women seem to not take it as good as white women. Is that true or false?

    Your comment well respected.

  3. Black Women have bigger vaginas? Lol i guess that is why white women love to fist themselves, That is why white women love buying unreal sized dildos. White women have flat azzes but they have the biggest pussies for sure.

  4. I’m a white guy, and I’m 11.5 inches. I am a marine, and I have never seen a black dude bigger than myself. In fact, I think black dudes wear those baggy ass pants to hide their small dicks. Really people, where the fuck did that bogus stereotype come from? If anything, There’s way more hung white guys.

  5. Black dudes has by far the biggest dicks. I’ve been around a lot of black people and most black men I’ve been with have been pretty damn big.

  6. Yall all on some bullshit!white women do have deeper pussy but black pussy is so sweet!I only fuck wht women cuz I can beat da pussy up 4 hrs! But feeling wise, blk bitches num 1 hands down

  7. The thing that gets me is the racially charged American psychological aspect to it. I picture all these klan members getting all mad and envious in their circle jerk to Mandingo.

  8. Anybody notice that despite the scientific facts that are given and despite the fact that the porn expert above spoke truth, a lot of black men still lie and try to say they are all at least 7 inches or bigger. And the ones who do it usually use improper English when they do it. Seriously guys grow up and get educated. Have some courage like Scott-Poulson Bryant. Most men 95% are 5-7inches, yet all the black guys say they are 7 inches or bigger. That doesn’t make sense.
    Society has really done a lot of damage to men, especially black men in making them feel like they are less of a man if they do not measure up to the stereotype or in the case of black men are less black. Just saying.

    I would also like to add that I think American porn in general focuses too much on penis size of guys and not enough on the woman’s beauty nowadays which takes away from it.

  9. I’ve played a lot of sports and been in locker rooms with all races,probably more black guys than white(because of the sports I played,ie American football) and I can honestly say I haven’t noticed a difference in Penis size between the races.Obviously I don’t scrutinize every guy,but you can’t help but see.Though the smallest one I ever saw was a buff black guy,built like a bull but hung like a cocktail sausage.

  10. You guys are great. Thanks for being so honest with me. I’ve often been concerned that being 7 1/2 inches and 6 around wasn’t big enough because all my girlfriends have been sex addicted sluts who have trouble getting wet. I had an erection contest in the shower with my friend Benjamin Allen Raupp on my 21st birthday as his present to me. He was girthier at the base but it evened out in the middle. Ha ha Thats right, I’ve got a little knob going on.They don’t call me hook shot for nothing. But thats besides the point. I’d like to address the 11.5 inch marine. You sound like the biggest faggot in the world and I’m calling you out. I don’t care how big your dick is it won’t do you much good 11.5 inches under the ground. You may be built and have marine training, but I grew up taking martial arts courses, went to a military school where problems with other students were dealt with through night time secret fight club that the night staff endorsed and kept secret from day staff. I bike everywhere I go and have achieved sakai on the dance floor. I have the culture of an art fag, the muscles of a douche bag, and a subscription to Gentlemens Quarterly. So why don’t you put your cock where your mouth is… I mean money where your mouth is and beat me at a fight with your 11.5 dick. Are you gonna choke me with it? HA I’ll bite it off and watch the blood fly. Faggot.

  11. Hey, I would like to get into some, porn… I was wondering, you said your producer has requirements, what are those? IE would a 7 inch member with 6.5 inch girth, 7 at the base be desired by film producers?

  12. I have of admit I have had my share of women. Using protection of course. When it come to White and Black women, black women definantly have smaller pussy’s. I am White. Most of the white women I slept with in the past, had stretched out pussy’s. I can’t figure out why. I love sex with black women because, most of them have really tight pussy.

  13. To the guy that said black men lie about their size, I’m over 9 inches and I’ll prove it. Find me a woman to look at my proof.

    I’m gonna go ahead and call you an insecure white cuck until you try to prove me wrong, I’m waiting for you to prove me wrong.

    Email me when you’re ready to take the challenge.

  14. hi peps believe it or not my dick size was 6inch like most i hated it lol so i streched it to 7.25 inch using jelking and some of my own technik lol and my dick looks great from the girth to the lenght i get as hard as rock too so ima keep on growing that thang too see to0 see how bigger i can grow it 🙂

  15. Yo magic stick I’ve had the same kind of gains u have and would like to talk to you about some of the different techniques that you use some of the ones that have worked for me email me

  16. Well I’m black and I’m an engineer. I haven’t taken or read any in depth studies on penis size, but what I have read stated that the average penis size is between 5″-6″. I’ve measured my own dick numerous times, using an ordinary ruler and and engineers scale (for percision) and my dick is a little over 7 1/2″ long

  17. I have never once measured my dick and that’s no lie. I have beat off thousands of times but never took the ruler to it. It bottoms out on the old lady so who cares to know how big it is.

    I am a paramedic and have cut the pants off dozens of black dudes after they have been shot and have to say, I have never seen one of their tools that didn’t look like a python. Many have down right scared me.

  18. Jake, ur observation in the shower room is clearly wrong and easily disproved. Ill do it now for you =):
    Measuring the penis flaccid has no bearing on how long it will be hard. Fact
    flaccid size and erect size have no direct correllation. Fact

  19. maybe your with the wrong black guys….that hasn’t been my experience (or maybe you’re just lying)

  20. I wonder what happened to Spring Thomas anyway. I never seen a clear reason why she just retired.

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