Today’s Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Wilson

Guest Blogger Mackenzie Wilson

From time to time I’m going to have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

Second up: Mackenzie Wilson. Mackenzie’s been a Spunkmouth girl; her work has appeared on dozens of other sites – like JOMG; she’s done some DVD work, too. For today’s blog, Mackenzie was nice enough to send pics from her experience last Friday night.

Ok here goes…

So lots of people in mainstream public have this ever-lasting idea that porn stars are all on drugs of some sort all the time, right? I mean, the industry is riddled with money and sex, combined with some very sleazy people, it’s a perfect fit, right? WRONG. Drugs can spell disaster in the industry for many reasons, not to mention they make you spend all the assloads of money you earn. But wait a minute…

There are always exceptions to the ‘rule’, too. Here goes one of them….. me, Ms. Makenzie Wilson: the porno chick who could do no wrong because she actually had a truly super-functional spongy mass of intelligence in that cranium that eventually cried out for some sexual guidance. I will tell you this: I may have done a few things in porn that I’m not proud of in the name of money, but I also regret never taking advantage of the times I was offered a little ‘bump’ or ‘hit’ here or there. I always assumed I’d be automatically addicted and then a crack-smoking, anal-reaming whore for life in the name of ‘Oh God, I need some crystal meth pleez man!’. This past Friday took a bit of a different turn: in the care and safety of my best friend that has ample experience with drugs of all kinds, I tried exstacy. Oh my God, sweet Jesus. Why can’t I LOVE myself as much as I did on those things? I must have masturbated continuously all night.

Guest Blogger Mackenzie Wilson

So we had the strobe lights going, the glow sticks…all that jazz. And I would not shut the fuck up. All I did was sing, feel all over my tits and cunt, and scream “The lights! Look at the lights! Spectacular lights! Ohhh, ohhh, nah nah naaah.” Eventually, heartburn led to sickness led to “Jonathan, oh God, please make this feeling go away.” In the beginning I just loved everyone, and everything, and I was thrashing all over that hotel bed. Man that room got some good lovin’ that night even though I didn’t.Then he gave me some 5-HTP shit to decrease the migraine and nausea effects, which did NO GOOD. I did not sleep the whole night despite trying, and was sick as a fucking dog the next day. O.K….no more X for me. That stuff is just totally not good enough to make me do it again.

Atypical me, again?! I don’t know, but I know that just remembering that night still makes me get sick-just thinking about it. I”m curous about others, though. Meth, coke, etc. I just wanna try them once. I haven’t been ‘addicted’ yet, as they interfere so much with my normal life that I could give a shit if the world was ridded of them all tomorrow. Now, the ‘war on drugs’? Don’t even get me started on that crock of bullshit. Bushit will never win that one.

Guest Blogger Mackenzie Wilson

2 thoughts on “Today’s Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Wilson”

  1. A double espresso’s enough of an upper.
    2-toke smoke is just fine unless you’re trying to read Heidegger
    or learn differential equations.
    Booze makes you fat and stupid and hurts all organs and is enough
    of a downer.
    Laughing gas is almost as good a high as coke.
    On this plane of existence, nothing–maybe scuba, a near
    death experience, extreme hunger or extended sensory
    deprivation–can duplicate heavy-duty hallucogenics
    but I don’t know if one’s mind can be expanded with chemicals.
    All of it should be legal, just like porn, and
    dry up cash streams for thugs. The cops who are trying to stop
    supply could police distribution much more effectively because
    the a Fortune 500 company would take over making and selling

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