Prince Albert

Prince Albert

A. writes:


So is there any demand in the straight porn industry for pierced cock? I see pierced coochie all the time and love it but rarely any cock – not that I like lookin’ at cock or anything, but there’s nothin’ like watchin’ a heet get a good stainless tipped ass ram. I’m just pierced and curious.


Dear A.

Are you sure you’re not looking at The Cock? Cause if you are, well, join the club. Dudes look at other dude’s dicks all the time. Doesn’t mean you’re gay. It’s OK man…don’t sweat it.

A pierced pee-pee is immensely popular in gay culture…but no way are you gay, right?

Your e-mail had me all over the net, cause I wanted to find out why the fuck poor Prince Albert has had his name attached to something that’s totally gay.

Here’s what Wikipedia says: “The Prince Albert piercing is often claimed to be named after Queen Victoria’s consort Prince Albert of Saxe-Coburg-Gotha. It is alleged that he wore a ring attached to his penis which was then strapped to his thigh, in order to maintain the smooth line of the tight trousers that were in fashion at the time. It is very difficult to ascertain the validity of this story, and the claim seems highly unlikely. No contemporary account of him adopting the practice has come to light, and many suspect that it was a myth invented by Doug Malloy who helped popularize body piercing in the United States, and who also created much of the false history commonly attached to many body piercings. It has also been theorised that the name actually refers to Queen Victoria’s grandson Prince Albert Victor. This second theory probably stems from attempts to link Prince Albert Victor with the Jack the Ripper murders”

Hey, just out of curiosity, do you wear tight trousers, A?

It’s OK to admit it if you do…really, tight trousers are totally in right now. In fact, Spring Thomas took me clothes shopping recently, cause…well, I haven’t been since 1998. She was all about tight trousers. She even said, after I walked out of the dressing room in a pair I eventually bought, that I had a “nice package, even though it’s only 6 inches.”

Ain’t life grand?

Your pal,


Oh! PS: I don’t know why any male pornstars don’t have a pierced dick. None of the ones I have shot do, anyway…however, there’s a lot of gay porn shot in my studio, and all those dudes have their dicks pierced. Hope this helps!

Prince Albert

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  1. So, let’s talk about those hottt jeans I made you buy, why don’t you wear them? If they make your package appear that much bigger maybe you would get more pussy darlin!! Or do you think you would be false advertising like a girl wearing a push-up bra……….

  2. That pic is like a car crash — can’t look at it, can’t look away…..

    That seems like it would be really painful and inconvenient for both giver and receiver, especially in anal — if you don’t thrust straight ahead, wouldn’t the PA twist and pull your dick?

  3. bring it on, i’ve had a prince albert for 10 years and i’m straight, can’t find ANY straight pierced cock porn anywhere

  4. i’m black, straight and have a prince albert. I had it done about 12 years ago and since then every woman i’ve slept with has said all guys should have it done (hits the spot that other dicks can’t and usually results in multiple orgasms).

    With regards to straight pornstars, I think the reason none of them have it is the same reason why a lot of straight men don’t have it; they are put off by the thought of it/put off by the thought of the pain entailed in having it done.

    In truth, having a prince albert doesn’t hurt (the needle goes through as quickly as it would if you were having any other part of your body pierced). Plus, they numb the area first (maybe that may just be at the piercing studio where I had mine done, but I think it’s fairly common practice). It does sting the first few times you go for a pee and it did hurt the first time I masturbated (more the cum spurting than the actual act itself). However, urine is a natural antiseptic, so the more you pee the quicker it will heal; if ever there was an excuse to go drinking to make yourself pee a lot then there you go.

    Ultimately, i think it boils down to personal taste/choice, the same as having an earring, nipple ring or tattoo

  5. I saw a a short goth fetish film a few months ago where the dude had both a Prince Albert and tatoos on the cock. So it does exist.

  6. As a gay man, I have to say I love to watch porn where a pierced cock (with a prince albert, that is) fucks a tight asshole. However this particular scenario is practically non-existent. I’ve seen maybe a couple of videos like this, one of which was an amateur couple who uploaded it directly to some xtube or some other such site.

    I have to say though, pierced cocks: not a gay thing. The few prince alberts I’ve seen in real life (2 or 3) have been from straight men, and I’ve seen like a thousand times more gay cocks than straight cocks.

  7. My ex had a PA, it took some getting used to for a little while after he got it done. Fear certainly is the reason more straight men don’t have one. I liked it, and some funny stories came of it. Very comedy of errors; namely it will chip your teeth if you aren’t paying attention. And lube…lube became necessary before it went in anything “tight and little”.

  8. From my understanding as a straight girl, PAs tend to me more common in the gay community, but they’re not specifically for gay men. I actually really like the thought of having sex with someone who has one, but I don’t know of anyone personally who does. I’ve tried to find videos, but they’re mostly of gay sex or masturbation. Does anyone know of a good site or video?

  9. I know plenty of guys with a Prince Albert or a Jacob’s Ladder, all of whom are straight. I got my ladder done almost a year ago. Women are either extremely intrigued by the thought of having sex on a ladder, or very skeptical for the fear that it may tear something or fall out. But in the end they are all pleased, I have not had a complaint yet. Personally, it makes everything more intense and I can have multiple orgasms more rapidly. Ever since I got it done I’ve wondered why there are no male pornstars with dick piercings. I figured it must be a health and cleanliness thing.

    I don’t think I could ever get a PA, I like to stand when I take a piss.

  10. I have 2 Prince Alberts and a tattoo of a snake and a dagger! I’m straight! I would like to see more strsight pierced cock porn! Ps I had a reverse PA as well through the top! It feels amazing! Super awesome orgasms! Every guy should have a PA and a reverse pa! It feels so much better! I’m about to do another reverse PA, with the two PA’s I Already have, one orgasm feels like tens of thousands of little orgasms inside the tip! Pure heaven!

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