Today’s Guest Blogger: Mackenzie Wilson

Mackenzie's Blow Bang!

From time to time I’m going to have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

Third up: My pal, Mackenzie Wilson. For her second guest spot, Mackenzie blogs on the art of giving head and her first onscreen blowjob.

Lesson #1 in Porn: SPEAK UP!

My first BJ scene in porn was a blend of excitement, nervousness, and bashfulness. I was 19 before I gave my first bj EVER, and 20 when I entered the business. I bet you can do the math yourself, but suffice it to say I had little to NO experience giving head. I figured if I just did what they told me, I’d be fine. It was a simple ‘job’, right?I was still scared. I mean, this wasn’t just a boyfriend-blow job. This was gonna be seen by lots of people!

Well, turns out I needed guidance the whole time. It was a couple shooting me for their website, and let me tell you what assholes they were. SO picky about every little fucking thing. I’ve worked with them since, a couple of times, and they continued to be assholes to me.

Anyhoo, at first they had to get me talking in front of the camera, which wasn’t too hard. Then they instructed me on being more ‘aggressive’, which to this DAY I am a pro at.

“You can’t be scared of it. Just go to town.”

I improved a bit during the scene, but wifie had to take over a couple of times and so I knew I had some work to do on improving my technique. I didn’t outright ask her questions, like “Why do you vary your method of application?” or “Do you focus on the head or the shaft?”

I just watched. And watched, and watched, and after watching hundreds of BJ scenes, asking actresses/producers about it, listening to male friends complain or rave about how a girlfriend gave them a bj, and shooting probably close to 50 bj’s, I consider myself a damn good dick sucker now. I’ve had so many males tell me I’ve been ‘the best’, and whether or not that’s true for all of them, I doubt it. But I know deep down that I am WAY better than a girl my age with only average life experience from guys that can not come out and say bluntly, “No, you need to do it like this. And do this while you’re at it. Yeah, that’s good.Ok…” etc.

This leads me to talk about the first thing that I am so thankful to have gained by being involved in the porn industry: the ability to be VOCAL. You must be able to talk to your partner openly, bluntly, dirty, etc and be so comfortable with it. Not only does it make sex and foreplay better, there is no guessing games as to if you are hitting the right ‘spot’ or really ‘doing it’ for him/her. It’s really a no brainer. But what do most people do in their private lives? They stay silent, which is the dumbest thing you can do.

I’ve actually never seen that BJ anywhere on their website or on the ‘net. In fact, I think they trashed the scene ’cause I wasn’t doing it good enough and it probably turned out horrible. Hey, I got paid, and I hate those people, so what do I care?!

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