Kelly Wells and Ricki White and This Week’s Updates.

Kelly Wells

A couple of weeks ago, I talked about Mondays, and blogging material, and routines, and since it’s Monday, all the sites I either own or shoot for have updates, so why not make Mondays a way for me to talk about the updates and shamelessly plug them? Plus, I don’t get to talk a lot about some of these sites, so this is a perfect time to do it.

MANOJOB: Kelly Wells is the newest update. She’s got a mouth on her like a truck driver, or a teamster, which, after I just wrote that, realized a truck driver is usually a teamster, right? Anyway, when we first shot Kelly a while back, her scene was so hot that, over time, the members rated it number one. Number 1 scene on the web’s number 1 hand job site…whatever that’s worth. Here’s some free hand job movies from her first scene.

BLACKS ON BLONDES: It’s another kooky update for the world’s greatest interracial website, and when I say kooky, I mean it. Ginger Blaze makes an appearance with her real-life hubby, and I think you know where I’m going with this: Ginger’s hubby loves watching her get railed on film, so why not watch in real life? And let’s have the dude be a black man! Cuckolding at its best! I didn’t just hire some dude for this scene, either. Real life Hubby watches his lovely porn star wife get railed by the black man. I don’t have any free cuckold movies from this week’s update, but if you click on the link, you can see one I shot a long time ago. Again, no fake cuckolds and never a fake dick at Blacks on Blondes!

CHELCI FOX: “Naughty Naughty Naughty” is the newest update, and it’s a sort-of come-and-get-to-know-me update, in which Chelci talks all about herself and her life.

SPUNKMOUTH: Kitten blows a jumbo-sized dong for Spunkmouth, and she does it grand fashion. She’s a porno newbie — which is what Spunkmouth is all about — and she joins the ranks of Jessica Valentino, Missy Stone, and Spring Thomas for first-time scenes…what a line-up!

EAT SOME ASS: Aline is this week’s butt-muncher, and it’s something she really enjoys. I’m gonna be honest with you here: when I shoot these scenes, I ask the girls if they like to eat ass…or if they hate it. The ones who hate it are there for the money (which is usually true of the ones who love it) but I tell the ones who “hate” eating ass to really hate it. Don’t pretend. Pretending in porn makes bad porn, and the only thing worse than bad porn are the Christian Right Wingers who rally against all porn, even though they’re usually our best members. By “best”, I mean they’re the ones who not only pay for porn, but stick around for a long time.

Oh…Aline really enjoys eating ass, and she was there for more than just the money. Which is to say she was excited to be there and dine on bunghole. I just don’t know if she liked it more than super-whore Jaelyn Fox.

GLORYHOLE-INITIATIONS: I don’t really talk too much about this site, and I really should, cause it rules. We find black girls who haven’t done white guys…yet. Then, we toss the in “The Hole” for some anonymous sex. What a concept! Too bad I didn’t think of it. Anyways, it’s Miss Simone this week. She’s an exotic beauty from the islands and wow! — did she go nuts on the white dick.

RUTH BLACKWELL: Carly Parker wants a black baby, and when white girls are in that sort of need, there’s only one girl to visit. Ruth should start charging for her services. Kinda like those dating sites, only she gets the white girls inseminated with the black man’s seed. Crazy, huh? Here’s a free Ruth Blackwell movie featuring Barbie Cummings! I never really blogged this, but it was this scene that inspired Barbie to start her own site with the hopes of getting knocked up by a black dude. Who’s the black dude? None other than Jack Napier! Man…that’s a whole blog right there.

THE DICK SUCKERS: We’re up to 118 dick suckers, and the newest one is Ricki White. If you ask me, Ricki’s one of the most under-rated porn girls working the circuit. She just got new knockers, too, and if you can find a better, more real pair of fake tits, I’ll give you a free month at The Dick! I’m serious! Oh, did I blog the sybian yet? I can’t remember now, but I’m having the dick suckers sit on a $1300 vibrator — the same one Howard Stern uses to get the girls who visit his studio off — as they’re taking a blast to the face. It’s truly brilliant porno! There’s Ricki’s pic below. Look at those knockers!

Ricky White

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