Super Fun IM’s!

Sasha Gray

breveets75 IMs:

I was watching some video where there were two girls laying on top of each other. Basically the dude had two pussys facing him and I thought to myself there is a lot of things I have not done as far as fucking goes. One day maybe all the chicks in porn will settle down and get married, but their husbands will never get the pussy served to him in such delightful ways. They give their all on the web and videos. On Gloryhole I can tell when the girls are giving it all they got, going for the gusto. I think it would be funny if Kool Aid Man busted through the wall of the Gloryhole one time.


Well, I’m now getting IM’d to death. Every morning when I turn on my lapper, a million pop-up chat windows open, and they’re all dudes looking to get into porn…with the exception of breveets75 and his statement concerning porn girls, their future married life, and the Kool Aid Man.

If you’re a single male, and you’re either in the Los Angeles area, or you can get yourself here, call 818-709-4452. Now, please stop IMing me about getting into porn.

However, you may continue to IM me if you actually have something to say…which breveets75 does.

I don’t think a porn girl has to get married to stop having crazy sex in their private lives. Doesn’t human nature dictate this? Fuck someone more than a handful of times, over, say, 6 months, and that should just about do it.

Fellahs — ain’t New Pussy grand?

Ladies — ain’t New Dick grand?

Gay boys — ain’t New Dick grand?

Lesbos — ain’t New Pussy grand?

Of course there’s so much more to relationships than sex. There soooo much more it would take me an eternity to write all about the great things a relationship has to offer besides sex.

Uh huh.

Look at Sasha Gray! Ready to suck an anonymous dick the The Hole.

I have nothing more to say today, except bring on The Kool Aid Man.

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