Introducing Candy Monroe

Candy Monroe

It all started as a blowbang.

A blowbang is a lot like a gangbang, except the porn whore is suckin’ — not fuckin’ — lots and lots of wieners.

Let me back up.

Spring Thomas found a friend. Her name was Candy. Candy wanted to be like Spring. Lots of girls wanted to be Spring, and they’d e-mail her, and most of them weren’t serious…and some were.

Candy was serious.

In order to prove it, Spring invited her on set to blow 10 black men while Spring fucked one of them…a test, so to speak. Spring said something like, “Don’t get me wrong, I’ll be there to help. But if you want your own site, we need to know if you’re worthy.”

Strong words from a strong girl.

Candy mastered Spring’s test…on her first try. Do I need to tell you the black dudes turned both of them into cum targets? And they fired with 100% accuracy? Or that, by the end, they were both a filthy, dirty mess?

The end result: Candy Monroe was worthy.

When we huddled up with Candy to talk about her site, Candy made it perfectly clear: in addition to servicing Black Dick only, she requested that puny white boys be on set with her. Not only would the puny white boy be humiliated on set, but, in the end…all white boys would be forced to clean Candy up.

Including her real-life boyfriends.

With their tongues.

Whether they liked it…or not.

Strong words from a strong girl.

And so it came to be — Candy Candy’s got her own unique personality, and we didn’t stop that while rolling tape. We didn’t even try to alter it. Or shape her in any way. I didn’t script one of these scenes…who could? Candy would walk on set and make the calls. I just held the camera.

Candy would bark out to her white cuckolds, “play with your Man-Gina!” or “I’ve seen clits bigger than that!” all while working black dicks that ranged from 9 to 12 inches in length.

You’re either gonna love this…or hate it.

I find these scenes highly disturbing.

Be warned.

Candy Monroe

7 thoughts on “Introducing Candy Monroe”

  1. The crempie eating is obviously fake. just notice that EVERYTIME theres a camera changing before the clean up begins.Cant blame them though,would much prefered vanilla cream to sement myself I was a cuckold actor.

  2. I’ll even explain myself further — after the pops I’d take stills of the fresh pop, and then roll camera.

    I repeat — not one of those scenes was faked, and, in the seven (plus) years I’ve shot I’ve faked 2 scenes — neither appearing on these sites — simply because male talent couldn’t pop.

  3. I have been searching the web for many a time and I never thought that I’d find a chick as beautiful as Candy sucking those big black dicks and getting a white dude to lick the cum off her! I’m white with a little dick. I would love to lick any cum off her, anywhere. This has been a dream come true. I’m bi and cum tastes good out of a dick, but better off a woman. Any time she needs a good clean-up man, I’m game and would love it. I’d love to suck a big black dick too but that is second.
    Candy has a beautiful PUSSY.

  4. I like Candy Monroe, but I don’t like this sissying up the dude act when it comes to her and I don’t want to be forced to deal with seeing faggot crap like some dude dealing with fake or real cum because of Candy Monroe related videos. I’m no angel, but a dude has to draw the line somewhere,
    I rather see shit like Candy Monroe eating ass and tasting feet.

  5. Glory days of Dogfart. Def missed a golden opportunity to do the signature cock comparisons on this site, Candy was the goat. Dogfart ain’t the same without you, the second best cuck site, cum eating cuckolds, fell off hard and the number 1 cuck site, obviously Cuckold Sessions, has unfortunately fell off since Billy Watson stopped bringing the scenes to life. Haven’t seen a cock comparison since you left and barely any clean up. Obviously feeling nostalgic commenting on a 12 year old post ranting about a site you haven’t ran in a couple years on a blog you barely post on lol. Love the work you’re doing now but cuck porn ain’t the same without ya and hoping one day you start a new one! All love bro, hope you’re doing well.

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