Just When I Thought I Had Seen Everything…

Hayley Jade

I’ve shot porn for almost six years now, and if it’s done anything to fuck me up, it’s made me more tolerant to fetishes I thought were crazy, insane, fucked-up, and just plain wrong.

Not that I agree with what they’re doing, nor want to try it, nor even completely understand it…but my job has made me understand people more — and not to judge them on what pushes their buttons.

Men blowing men?

No Biggie.

Fuck a tranny?

Whatever floats yer boat.

Eat black man’s jizz out of a white girl’s snatch?

Um…I dunno about that.

And I — for sure — dunno about “ball busting”: click on the box at your own risk and get ready to scream.

Just like I did.

‘Nuff said.

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