Come Scrub My Doggie, Please…

Patricia Petite

Maggie stinks.

Well, she stunk. She stunk like a dog, which isn’t anything out of the ordinary, right?

She stunk until Patricia Petite decided to come by and give her a bath.

I am the luckiest dude in the world, and I know publishing declarative statements like this are fairly dangerous. No one likes a braggart. And here I am, bragging about Patricia coming over to my studio, stripping down to her nothing more than her panties, and running around my place with my dog.

Really though…I’m not bragging. Well, kinda, but I need some fodder to blog about, and what better Blogging Fodder than a hot blonde in panties? So give me a break, ok?

Besides, this blog exists for nothing more than your entertainment, right? It helps me blow off a little steam, too, but its primary purpose is to entertain the masses.

Or, at least, the handful of people who visit I Shoot Porn on some sort of regular basis.

For a while, Patricia Petite was staying next door. She loved Maggie, too. I’m assuming she still does, but she isn’t next door anymore. One day Maggie trotted over to say hello to Patricia, cause that’s the way Maggie rolls, when suddenly Patricia let out a small shriek.

I wish I could properly write how Patricia speaks, cause she’s French-Canadian, and she’s got this super hot accent that makes my ween get stiff.

Patricia Petite shrieked, “Maggie stinks!”

“Give her a bath,” I said.

I really didn’t think Patricia would actually come over here and do it…but she did. And when she peeled off her duds and ran around my place in her thong, I was kinda hoping I could bend her over my couch and get a little Hot Action before she went back home.

No Hot Action.

But a Clean Doggie.

And that’s about the only thing I can think of that’s actually close to being somewhat as good as hot action: Maggie, fluffy and smelling like a bouquet of spring daises.

Patricia Petite

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  1. hi how are doing? I would enjoy giving you a good time n making you feel good so come over n we can have some fun

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