Top 5 JOMG scenes – #4: Serena Taylor

Serena Taylor

I met Serena Taylor through her SexyJobs ad. That’s when she was still calling herself Colleen Del Rio. Personally, I think Colleen works better.

It took a few e-mails before Serena got back to me; in fact, now that I’m thinking about it, she waiting a month or two before I ever heard anything back. And Cole, the sole agent here, had already told me she wanted a ton of money for BJ’s and wouldn’t even do a b/g scene. I think that’s the reason he wouldn’t rep her. Maybe she told him no. And writing about it now…does it really matter?

Anyway, I’m OK with paying a little more to a smoking hot girl who hadn’t worked the game. Always have been. In fact, I wish more of them would charge more than “rate” – that way, I’d get them all to the sites I work.

We had discovered a Gloryhole here in town, and I needed a JOMG scene knocked out. In addition, I had just started shooting handjob movies for, and I thought Serena would make a perfect addition to that site. So when we finally did talk, I booked her for all three.

And yea, she was more than rate.

Now, I know this is all about Jizz On My Glasses, but damn, the Serena Taylor Gloryhole turned out great.

And the Serena Taylor ManoJob scene? Worth every extra penny. She talked like a flithy whore, just like I asked. If you don’t believe me, check out her movies.

But it was her Jizz On My Glasses scene that really stood out. She took two dudes on, had no problem sucking them dry, and when it came time to catch the loads, she didn’t cheat the members: not once did she close her mouth, or stick her tounge out with a closed mouth (an old Spring Thomas trick), or turn her head or throw up her hands and block the jizz.

Serena Taylor might be a lot of things, but she ain’t a cum dodger. She’s also very cool to be around. She seems to like the computer a whole lot, too. She grew up on them. Ever since she was a little girl, she’s been on a computer. She loves to chat, she loves to play games (Mortal Combat was her fav, I believe), and she even designed her own site. Did I mention her blog?

I have more work for her…and word is, she’s finally doing b/g. But she won’t return my calls. Which usually means they’re out of the game.

One thought on “Top 5 JOMG scenes – #4: Serena Taylor”

  1. There’s something to be said for a beautiful woman who looks like she isn’t starving herself.

    I think that something is “Wow.”

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