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Super Fun E-Mails: Where Are All The Gloryholes?

Desire Moore

M writes:

Hi Billy Watson,

I read your blog about Barbie and got curious. Can you tell me where is the Glory Hole in Los Angeles? Is it for straight guy like me?

I would appreciate if you do not publish my email. Keep the great work, I really enjoy reading your blog and watching the movies you record.

Thanks — M



Gloryholes are everywhere! If you don’t believe me, just be aware.

Gloryholes are in public places. Usually seedy, dirty public places. But sometimes they’re drilled in places that you’d never expect: I think I told you about the time I was studying during my undergrad years and I had to make a Number Two at the library?

I hate making Number Two’s in public places; in fact, unless it’s “Code Red”, and I’m about to shit my pants, I’ll hold that dump until I manage to get home to drop The Deuce.

Which is to say I’m a home field player when it’s Doody Time.

Anyways, I was studying, and suddenly — out of nowhere — Code Red hit, and I was forced into the University’s bathroom to leave the Browns at the pool. As usual, I carefully inspected each and every toilet seat, and, as usual, almost each and every toilet seat looked more like a science experiment in dirty filth than a place you’d want to sit…but I found the cleanest one, pulled about three pounds of toilet paper off the roll to clean the seat, and once it was as clean as I could make it, I sat down, ready to make my Chocolate Soft Serve.

That’s when I looked to my right, and directly next to the toilet paper dispenser was a hole drilled into the stall divider.

Come on — I’ve told this story too many times. The point is “G-Holes” are everywhere! Common spots include adult book stores (check the peep booths and premium “private viewing rooms”) as well as truck stop bathrooms, library bathrooms, and airport restrooms.

I just caught myself sounding mighty gay, huh? I mean most G-Holes are a Gay Thang, but No Way Am I Gay.

Your pal — Billy

Alicia Allaghatti

Gone Fishin’ Again…

Gone Fishin'

Whenever I used to take a break from blogging, I’d say that I went “fishing”.

Or else I wouldn’t say anything at all, which was usually the case.

Now I think I’ll post the Intermission video that’s been running lately. Don’t you think it’s clever?

I’m back tomorrow. I wish I could say I went fishing, or just ate a bunch of yummy treats during intermission…but I’ve been shooting some insane interracial sex scenes, as well as some off-the-hook handjob movies, and some Spunkmouth movies.

Uh huh.

I Am On Strike

Mister POV

You read right. I’m on strike.

In order to show my support The Brethren Writers in Hollywood, I shall cease writing until they get their fair share.

In the meantime, I can’t let ISP die, so The Minion, AKA Doron Pepperscone, shall be taking over all writing duties.

He needs something to do anyway…ever since they took Fat Albert off the air he’s been terribly bored.

What will this mean for Billy Watson?

How will it effect my tremendously successful, tremendously lucrative, tremendously entertaining blog?

Will I still manage to get laid? Or, at the very least, blown?

Only time will tell.

I Need Your Help, Again – Please!

Riley Mason

If you could ask a porno star anything, what would it be?

If you could ask Riley Mason anything, what would it be?

This is serious.

All questions e-mailed to be will be presented to Riley…unless you’re a nitwit, and your question makes your Nit Wit Hood apparently clear.

Fire away.

I need these in my e-mail box by December 11.

I appreciate your help! She’ll be videotaped answering the questions, and it will appear on a new, as yet unnamed site!!

Your pal, Billy