Today’s Guest Blogger: The Minion (and His Final Chico Chronicle)

The Minion

From time to time I have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

The Minion’s final chapter dealing with Chico Wang, as well as a whole cast of Porno Characters.

Ricky was brought on board. He’s a few years younger than I am but he has tons of experience as far as web work was concerned. Ricky eventually showed me how to update the Anabolic and Diabolic paysites. No longer did I need Chico to do it, I was now doing it with no restrictions.

Ricky, Chico, Tony, and I made Boogie Nights 3.0 our command post. It was a nice house with a guest house located in Northridge. Chico decided to go full steam ahead with “Minion” Scenes. He would shoot a girl for a Diabolic Video and that same day she would be stuffing food in my face as well as slap me around. Sometimes the girls would say,”Honey, I can’t be mean to you!”. I would inevitably (in character) belittle them to the point where they’d want to kill me.

The Summer of 2004 came and went. The Northridge house was a mess simply from my scenes alone. The infamous “yellow couch” was a shell of its former self. During this time Ricky would come by and pick up camera. He’d shoot some of my scenes which was
a relief since performing while Chico was shooting intimidated the hell out of me. We eventually moved location to a house off of Ventura Blvd but the insanity never stopped.

Chico and the crew went to the Avn show in 2005. I stayed behind but Chico eventually asked me to come along. Chico also had a dog named CAINE but nobody to watch Caine. He wanted me to put the dog in the garage with several cans of dog food for the few days we’d be away. I thought this was an unusual demand but I followed through with it. Johnny Fender and I loaded up his van and made our way to Vegas.

Once there I met up with Chico, who was drunk off his ass, as well as the owenr of and several of his web guys. They were all really cool even when Wanker in his drunken state said, “Hey, look at this fat fuck!”. The next day Chico, still drunk, wanted me to find him a hooker for himself and a friend for $200. He was his usual asshole self when drunk and made it seem like failure was not an option. I made my venture eventually to find an escort who ended up fucking me in her hotel room for $300.

I went back to the San Fernando Valley to find that Caine was missing. Apparently a neighbor called animal control and Caine was taken away. Our dog had been arrested and was doing time in jail just like his owner. Wanker found out about it, blamed me, and belittled me for it. I had enough, once again I was out of there. Luckily Tony T was shooting for Anabolic and needed a PA and hired me, for that I’ll always be thankful. He got extra money in my pocket and it was a big relief. However, his shoots were at Chico’s house and I could not avoid Wang and vice versa. Gone were the days of getting my balls drained. If I wanted pussy I would have to go out and acquire it like every schmuck out there.

A few weeks later Chico brought me back in and things were ok until the big falling out. Tony and Chico were really close. Chico would book Tony for shoots and Tony gave nothing less than a phenomenal showing. Of course like a friendship there was ribbing. Chico would be heard yelling (in his Tony impersonation) “Yeah, Ma!” or “You lookin’ heavy, ma!”

Tony would smile and think not much of it. One night Chico sat down in our office and had a chat with me about Tony. “Tony went through my emails and he’s a dead man.” I was not looking forward to the drama that was going to hit. I thought it wouldn’t get worse than a lot of shit talking but I was proven wrong when a few months later I was fired again after having 2 guns pointed at my head. Chico and Tony were now at war.

Everyone took sides: Tony was sided with Ron and his sister, Anabolic Director SU. Ricky D and John-O sided with Chico as I obviously did. Words were thrown at both sides. Chico was supposed to be doing a site for Tony.Chico was so annoyed that he deleted Tony’s site right in front of me. He had backups of the content which he had me deliver to Tony. Since Tony was Chico’s enemy it only made sense that he was mine. After all, he pissed off the guy who signed my checks.

One day Chico was shooting and Ron and his sister came by. Chico made a remark to Ron that didn’t go over well. Ron shoved or punched a drunk Chico against the door. At that moment I realized Chico wasn’t as invincible as he claimed to be. He was mortal after all.

Around that time we decided to do a website mocking Tony. I was to wear a wig, act Arabic, and mock him to no end. I was going to get head from chicks while snorting. (In actuality it was sugar and a bad idea).

One scenario had me, as “Phony T.” pray to Allah right before getting my cock blown. I also wore an army jacket, had a canteen, a knife, and made absolutely no sense. In one instance (as Phony T) I yelled at a girl for having a huge blowjob rate. It went like this A couch in Chico’s house.

The constant bickering spilled into April of that same year. We were now in a house that was a mile or so from the Anabolic/Diabolic offices. Girls kept coming by to blow and/or fuck me and Chico would shoot camera as usual. He would shoot nonstop for either Diabolic or my site which I believed was going to launch. Girls like Holly Welling, Tory Lane, and Delilah Strong all
were shot for my site.

One day Chico wanted me at that house at 10am and we’d drive together to the Anabolic Office. He was in his room/office doing web work and I was in the den watching a movie on his flat screen tv.All of a sudden 2 guys came in with their guns already drawn.They told me to get on my stomach on the floor.They tied me up and placed a blanket over me.They then called on a third guy to come in. One of the cocksuckers then kicked me in the ribs but it didn’t hurt. The bitch kicked like…….well, like a bitch. At that point I made my peace with G-d because I believed that at any minute I was going to be dead.

They brought Chico in the room where they had him open up a safe. They robbed the place of all electrical equipment: computers, cameras, tv, etc. After they left Chico untied me and the cops were called. We speculated on who could have been behind the robbery. So many people had been burned by Chico that it made a list of suspects a mile long. To this day the crime hasn’t been solved and nor do I care. I made it out alive and karma will get those pieces of shit.

Chico and I had been spooked. About a week or so later he took off for Hawaii with Chanel Chavez. They were gone for a few days and he returned with her. At that point Manuel Laybor and I had tickets to go to the East Coast for a few wrestling shows. Around mid to late May Chico decided to disappear. I didn’t know where he was and people constantly asked about his whereabouts. I had no money to go with on my trip. I was fucking livid! How could he skip town and not pay me? I was doing his job at the office except for shooting video.

He ended up calling me because he needed furniture moved out of his apartment. I got to see him in person and I got paid. Yes!

Things changes when I got back. Tony and him still had beef. Chico would post online that Tony was a “terrorist” amongst other things. I felt as if they would kill each other if they were in the same room. It was now July and Ricky and Tony squashed the beef
which infuriated Chico to no end. If you weren’t with Chico then you were against him, at least that was his mentality. I also ended up squashing the beef with Tony when Chico decided to disappear yet again.

Tony was cool with me and Chico eventually came back to shoot full time. One night in early August Chico was shooting a scene in a hotel room. He got drunk, yelled at me, and fired me for patching things up with Tony. I left the hotel cursing him as I drove home, again unemployed.

During that time Ricky hired me a few times to be his PA. He was shooting for Diabolic and he paid me a very generous amount considering the time I was putting in. Again, Chico and I patched things up and I came back. His drinking got worse and one night he went ape shit on me. He had several drinks in his system and I seriously considered going back to school. It was not worth the aggravation but the paycheck made me put principles on the back burner.

Months went by and he was drinking like it was going out of style. Morning after morning I’d come in and he’d say,”Doron, I’m never drinking again.”

I would laugh and brush it off. Hours later I would be on the way to the store to get yet another 18 pack of Bud Light. I have to mention that there were points in which Chico showed genuine concern for me. If I needed to crash at a hotel he would offer to pay for it. I never took him up on those offers but he did pay for lunch 9 times out of 10. He would also pay for my AIM tests as well as my prescription for Levitra.

In January there was an incident in where the dog we were watching, Anabolic’s Princess and Chris Alexander’s dog Princess, went nuts on a neighbors dog nearly killing it. I required several stiches on my hand and Chico sent me a text message ordering me to put the dog down. A few hours later Princess was no more. I was fired for it and rightfully so. I was out of a job…….again

I got a part-time job doing plumbing work. A few months went by when Chico called me. He had heard that I was going through a depression via Manuel Laybor. Our phone call was pleasant. A few days later he had me come by the house and I volunteered to pop in Sasha Knox’s mouth. It was also at that time that I found out he had another guy, Hung Lo.

At first I felt intimidated knowing I’d be working with someone with a clean slate as far as working for Chico went. Hung Lo also got his share of heat from Chico at various times although it didn’t happen often. Chico had super editor, Curt, editing from Chico’s house. I was able to sit in with Curt and watch him do his magic. I even got assistant editor credit on a few Diabolic movies.

At this time Chico was dating Hailey Paige. My first impression of her was that she was sweet, caring, and in love with Chico.They were gaga over each other. He spoke highly of her even calling her his “bebe.” I felt as if he would have a bright future with her unlike the craziness he went through with Kara Bare and other forgettable porn chicks.

Hailey kept to herself and didn’t really socialize. She would do her job, go home, and pretty much that was the way it was. He would brag to me, in a kidding manner, about their sexual adventures. “Hey Doron, after I fuck Hailey she makes me spaghetti,” was something Chico would blurt out. It was all in jest and I didn’t think much of it. At this time I was chalking up major camera experience via shooting behind the scenes.

I truly miss Hailey and I truly believe she was born in the wrong century. What I mean by that is she was too good for this world. She had demons and it appears she couldn’t shake them loose. In the entire time I was around her she never bad-mouther a single person and she was an angel. Hailey, I love you and we’ll meet up again one day.

I went to work for Tony T and Original Entertainment in August of 2006 as their Production Manager. Chico was supposed to be brought on board as a Director but as usual, he backed out leaving Ron E. and Tony upset. We launched an internet division.Things didn’t work out and in January of this year I was the content manager for a web company in 2007.

As usual, I left that place due to “we’re holding off on production”. Thankfully I was bouncing at a club and that kept my head above water. One day in March of this year I got a call from Chico and he sounded irate at different people in the business. “Sasha did this……fuck this guy, fuck them, I’m leaving Diabolic, I’m doing the net now, etc.”

He inquired if I’d come back so we could launch the minion site as well as edit his other content. I said yes and things looked bright. We spoke on the phone a few times until we met one morning at Twain’s Diner in Studio City. He looked emotionally drained and we spoke of what the future held. The time period was set: I was to come back in early June.

My first day back was at Chico’s favorite Korean restaurant on Topanga Canyon. Hung Lo was being made fun of because his dog allegedly shit all over Chico’s house. We went to Home Depot to get a carpet cleaner. We cleaned the house, Chico had me shoot a chick in a solo scene, and my Minion site looked to be a reality.

He was going to shoot them in High Definition and I was to edit them. He said I’d get $500 a week plus 25% of the site. After all this time I was going to start making great money. About 2 weeks later Chico would be back in jail and his ugly past would surface.

Chico claimed that he found out that Hailey was back on drugs. His tone and manner were erratic and it was a side of him I had never seen. He wanted to book her in a scene and have her humiliated. He snapped at me when I told him to reconsider. A week or so passed and I was shooting the solos for him. He was entertaining offers from internet companies……from what he told me.

He also complained about Hung Lo to me. He went off on him to me saying shit that didn’t make sense. Hung Lo has always been a good guy and always had Chico’s back. For Chico to shit talk him and kick him out of the house was uncalled for but after, this was
Chico Wang.

Then the fateful morning came. It was a Friday morning and my cell phone rang. Hung Lo said Chico was arrested and I thought it was a D.U.I like it had been years earlier. The report was that Chico pistol-whipped Hailey and kidnapped her. Hung Lo and I got a bail bondsman and went to the jail that same morning. I wasn’t allowed to speak to him since you only get a certain amount of visitors a day.

He told Hung Lo to tell me to go to the apartment of the alleged pistol whipping and make sure Hailey and her mother weren’t moving out any of Chico’s stuff. I did as I was told and Hailey’s mother called the investigating officer to inform him that I was there. I was told to remain outside and not interfere with their moving. No problem. I noticed that Hailey was wearing short shorts and there weren’t any marks or bruises that I could make out. After 4 hours they were gone, I left the apartment to go to my night job, and the shit was about to hit the fan.

It was a matter of days before Chico’s incident with Hailey made the porn gossip pages. A few days after that his sentencing transcript made it online. Honestly, it was a difficult read in that it showed that the guy I was working on and off for was a
woman abuser. The transcript painted a picture of a guy who would one day be my boss.

I would never see Chico again. There was to be no internet site.There was to be nothing like that. The moments his past came up and the news of Hailey surfaced I knew his time in porn was done. I would get the constant, “Where’s Chico?” Weeks turned into months and rumors of Hailey’s death poured in. Not long after that Chico was found dead in a hotel room. I’m still in shock.

I have written all this as a sort of therapy. Chico, for better or worse, was a major part of my life for the last few years. I thank him for bringing me into this crazy business. I thank him for making me much more computer savy. I thank him for introducing me to
some of the best people I know: Curt aka Cal444, Brian Surewood, Steve Holmes, John Strong,Tony T, Ricky D, Hung Lo aka Tian D, Gia Paloma, Taryn Thomas (hi gorgeous), Will Powers, Johnny Fender, Faceblaster, and Billy Watson, for whom I now work.

The yells of “Let’s get hammered” and “Giddyup, kid!” I will forever be branded into my head. The girls he brought in to party with me will be on my “fuck list”, that sounded fucking lame!

Chico, I’m sorry you felt the need to beat that woman up 10 years ago. However, I guess she forgave you so that means I can as well for the torment. We’ll meet up one day soon……………nekka!

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