How Chloe Cherry Maintained A Love Life As An Adult Video Performer

Pornstar Chloe Cherry on set for ManoJob.comBefore she rose to fame as the breakout star of HBO’s Euphoria, Chloe Cherry was an adult video performer. This interview from August 2019 conducted by Billy Watson on the ManoJob set predates her crossover and reveals how she managed to maintain a love life while working in the adult video industry. With its insight into the difficulties of interpersonal relationships in this business, it’s a must-read for anyone interested in understanding the challenges that adult video performers face. And if you’re just a Chloe Cherry fan, read on!

In this interview, Chloe and Billy discuss what it was like for her to be in a relationship while performing in adult videos. She explains that one of the biggest challenges is being open and honest with her partners. “It’s been difficult for me to explain my job to people who don’t understand it or aren’t comfortable with it,” she says. “It takes time and trust to build a connection with someone, but when you have an unconventional job like mine, all that can go out the window really quickly.”

Another challenge that Chloe has faced is dealing with possessive and jealous partners who don’t understand what she does for work. She recalls a past partner who refused to watch any of her performances because he thought it would make him feel insecure about their relationship. Despite his insecurity, however, he never managed to fully grasp the realities of working in the adult video industry. “He didn’t get why I had to keep doing this job even if we were together—like I was going against our relationship by continuing my career—but obviously I wasn’t,” Chloe says. “I just wanted him to understand that this was an important part of my life and something I loved doing.”

Chloe also explains how her work has affected her perception of herself as well as how others perceive her. “Before I started doing adult videos, I felt more confident about myself physically because people would tell me I looked good…But after starting work in porn, I noticed people weren’t looking at me like they used to before; they were more judgmental,” she says. “Having said that though, those same people started treating me differently when they found out who I was and what kind of videos I perform in.”

This interview offers an invaluable glimpse into one woman’s experience managing relationships while working as an adult video performer—one which many others in this line of work likely share. For anyone considering entering the industry, or simply wanting a better understanding of its complexities and nuances, it’s essential reading material! It serves as both a warning sign and guidepost on how best manage interpersonal relationships when your profession involves performing explicit acts on camera!

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