Today’s Guest Blogger: The Minion (and His Chico Chronicles, Part 1)

Super Minion

From time to time I have guests blog whatever it is they feel like blogging. I will not tell them what to blog; I won’t edit it; I won’t influence the Guest Blogger in any way.

Which, at least for this entry, is somewhat of a lie. No one from Chico’s “camp” have really talked about Chico, so I asked The Minion to guest blog that very topic: Chico Wang.

I’ve hired The Minion to be my PA under the following circumstances: I call him by his first name, I try my hardest not to lose my temper with him, and that he shows up on time and gives me an honest day’s work.

It’s been almost two months now, and he’s helping me in ways I couldn’t have imagined.

When I asked him to blog his relationship with Chico, Doron thought about it for a while, didn’t really answer me right away, and now he’s sitting at his desk banging out his thoughts and feelings. He’s asked to do this in 5 parts.

We’ll see what happens.

The Minion is gone and no more.

You see, that was a persona of mine given to me by the late Chico Wang. Chico was also known as “Wanker Wang” and gave me my first break into the porno world. His death has brought up tons of feelings for me. I’m not going to sit here and pretend he was the nicest guy I ever met. No. He had his demons that I saw first hand and they were unforgiving.

In the next several days I’m going to take you on a trip through the last 4 years of my porno journey as relating to the times I was with Wanker. It’s going to be a fair look at the turbulent times that Chico and I went through and the shenanigans we committed.


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