Introducing Amber Summer, the Petite Latina from Austin Texas!

Amber Summer Adult Actress taking a selfieIf you’re looking for a new model to follow, then look no further than Amber Summer! Amber is the newest barely-legal model to take the industry by storm. Hailing from the Great State of Texas, this petite model is making waves with her mesmerizing beauty and captivating personality. Let’s dive in and learn more about Amber!

If you decide to skip the Amber Summer BTS video at the bottom of this entry, here’s a quick recap: Amber invented the name “Amber Summer” because she wanted something unique that still reflected her personality. She loves her namesake — “Amber” is a beautiful name and summer is her favorite season! Plus, it makes her easy to find online! The Amber Summer Twitter handle is @AmberxSummer and you can follow her OnlyFans profile at AmberXSummer.

Before entering the modeling world, Amber was a good student who ran track and cross country in high school. As soon as she graduated, Amber decided to pursue modeling full-time – but it wasn’t just an arbitrary decision; she had long admired models like Riley Reid and Chloe Cherry for their successful careers. Now that she’s in Porn Valley, Amber hopes to achieve similar success through hard work and determination.

Amber Summer Adult Actress taking a selfie

She recently worked for Billy Watson’s The Dick Suckers on a set that went really well! She also loves being an OnlyFans creator and looks forward to having a great career. Amber is represented by East Coast Modeling Agency.

Fun facts about Amber? She doesn’t believe in aliens (really!), likes conspiracy theories (she finds them intriguing), and is teeny tiny (she stands at 4’9″ and weighs 80 pounds).

Amber Summer Adult Actress taking a selfie

All things considered, expect big things from this budding porn starlet! If you haven’t already (at least) followed The Dick Suckers on Twitter or followed @AmberxSummer on Twitter or subscribed to her OnlyFans page at AmberXSummer yet – what are you waiting for? Don’t miss out on all of the amazing content that this petite Latina has to offer! Be sure to check out all of her social media accounts for inside access into her life as America’s newest porno actress!! We wish our girl all of the luck in the world as she continues down this exciting path!​

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