Super Fun E-Mails: “Fluffers Are Not A Myth!”

Fluffer Pics

Rob writes:

Hi Billy,

I gotta tell you that fluffers are not a myth in porn, your comments only show that you´ve never shot trannies before (good for you btw). I´m a fellow pornogapher from South America, and unluckily we don´t have the porn whores you can find in LA, we do work with whores but regular whores who only shoot because they need the money. The few ones that do want to be pornstars are not really hot 90% of the time, so that leaves us with below average female talent and not even enough of them to be able to make a decent living shooting straight porn. So what do we do? we shoot girls, but with something extra hehe. Now, shooting guys fucking shemales or vice-versa is not a problem, but imagine shooting shemales doing girls, or even worse, fucking other shemales, that´s when the “fluffers” come to play, and if you don´t have a male fluffer when shooting these type of scenes then you better pray for the viagra to kick in hard because otherwise you´re gonna spend 3 hours to shoot a 20m not-so-hot scene. I could go on about shemale fluffers but I´m not sure you´d be interested, I just wanted to give you another perspective on the topic and also say that I really enjoy the stories you write, if you ever need advice on shooting shemale or gay porn just lmk

Hi Rob!

Um, OK…your pal, Billy

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