Super Fun E-Mails: “Spit and Rinse.”

Jaylynn Sinz

My Pal Marty writes:

Hi Billy, I have to agree with JR about the male talent with one exception…Brandon Irons and Loadmymouth. He is an old fuck like you and he asks the questions I want to hear like, What’s the oldest guy you ever did it with, How old were you the first time you swallowed, Why are you here, How long have we known each other and one of my favorites…Are there any other holes open for business.

I have been a whore monger for many years and I have never come across the level of talent that I see on your sites. Are any of these girls escorts. I’d love to get a manojob from someone that looks like Chelci fox or even Jaylynn Sinz. How do you find these whores so willing to take a load in the face or show off the load in their mouth before they swallow it down. I’d love to do something like that but it isn’t usually available. Even in Vegas. Sure you can cum in their mouth but then they run for the bathroom to spit and rinse. Any tips on convincing them to do the right thing would be appreciated. Your pal, Marty

Dear Whoremonger Marty:

Thanks so much for the compliments! I dunno what to say! I mean your stamp of approval says a lot, and I mean that with all sincerity! Like you said — you’re a whoremonger — and you know finding tramps that look this good ain’t an easy task. I work really hard, dealing with all the scuzzy (and not-so-scuzzy) agents in Porno Land to harvest only the finest talent available.

Look at Jaylynn! What a piece of ass!

And Chelci Fox! Wowzers!!

Some porno girls do escort. Sometimes they’re referred to as “privates”. What a bargain, eh? Have one of your favorite porn stars come to your Vegas room for a private!

Not all of them do escort, but if you poke around the internet, there’s a site (or two) that will tell you, for the most part, which ones do…and get ready to shell out the fun tickets, cause they ain’t cheap!

I dunno what to tell you about the whores that spit and rinse, except this: the Porno World is like a small family. Really, it is. Almost everyone knows everyone, so when Jaylynn’s booked for a swallow scene, or, for example, I book Alexia Skye with Brandon Irons, and she’s getting paid to swallow…well, they usually know each other, there’s HIV tests readily available, so the swallow goes down without a hitch.

Whores are different than Porno Whores, and while I don’t know a whole lot about them, I know this — you’re a stranger, I’m sure you didn’t just show your recent HIV test to the Vegas whore you’re about to unload a wad of jizz into; hence, she’ll run to the bathroom, and spit…and rinse. Maybe you should build a relationship with one of your whores.

Become a regular.

Then, eat a healthy diet and pay her a little extra and I bet you’ll get your swallow…time and time again. She might even play along with your perverted, filthy questions.

Who knows…treat her right, and all her holes might be open for business, too.

Just make sure and bring your Jimmy Hat, yo.

Your pal — Billy

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