Super Fun E-Mails: “drunk again.”


JR writes:

Hey Billy.

It seems the only time I ever write you is when I’m loaded. Fair enough; I won’t rant too much, I promise.

My question is why the FUCK do modern gonzo/”reality” internet content producers, almost across the board (present company, I believe, excluded), insist on having a fucking cadre of dudes (usually of high-school droput-level intelligence) standing around making commentary on the action and cracking idiotic jokes (and even worse, often denigrating the women), esp. during climax? Don’t these fuckers know that not only does no one care, but they are actively ruining the reason people purchase and consume porn? They’re not making Dude Where’s My Car here, or a home video, but they seem to think it’s about them.

It isn’t.


P.S. Only you can save Winehouse at this point…get that gal a sandwich and some methadone, holy shit.

JR — I couldn’t agree with you more. I remember the first time watching Bang Bus scenes and wondering when the fuck Dirty Sanchez would shut his pie hole and let the couple fuck.

But you can’t argue with success, and those guys are just about the most successful site ever, so the copycats came out of the wood work, and there you have it.

Your complaint is the number one reason I kept the dicks silent on Manojob, and now, whenever I shoot a scene for The Dick Suckers, I do the same thing: keep the male talent silent.

Let the girl do all the talking.

It’s one of the reasons why Manojob is the all-time greatest handjob site ever.

Well, I’d like to think so, anyway.

And poor Amy Winehouse. She is indeed a mess. Judging from the picture, she’s probably shooting smack, and you know the junkies call heroin “The King”, and there’s a reason why.

At least she made one good record.

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