4 thoughts on “Faye Reagan BTS shot May 2009”

  1. Hey Billy, big fan of your work, totally unrelated to this post but I thought it might be the best way for you too see my comment. Love the recent additions of ebony material lately to dogfart and wanted to throw in my two cents. I think the we fuck black girls site is dope as fuck (as well as cumbang and gloryinitiations) but I’d like to see a little less ‘white cock slut’ and a little more ‘little white dick hating ghetto girl being surprised by the great size and skill of the white dick’ scenarios play out. I’m a white boy from a predominately black area and have never seen nor heard of a ‘white cock slut’ (black cock slut definitely) so i feel like it would add more realism sorta in the vain of the late, great ‘white dicks in black chics’ series. Just a thought, still a big fan of the site. Would also love to see more black girls in cuckold sessions shoots, even as the main performer. The Lola Heart and Misty Stone sessions are my absolute favorite to this day, plus you’d really market the ‘ebony cuckold’ niche that many porn lovers like myself have been craving. Definitely not enough ebony cuckolding in porn, especially ebonys cucking white guys with BBC. Anywho, keep up the great work, if I’m ever in LA I’ll definitely be auditioning for a cuck role lol. Cheers mate.

  2. Faye was so hot!

    What´s up with Manojob lately btw, no new updates in forever. I want to rejoin but anytime I visit the site, (or mrpov) I don’t see any updates….

  3. Billy, you should have left this blog for dead the first time around. It’s obvious that you no longer have any interesting stories to tell, if you’re stuck digging up 7 year old video clips. What happened?

  4. Mister Z — I’m just kinda burned out and really busy all the time. I really want to write a book, and I might attempt that vis-à-vis this blog. As far as my sites, Nils, I’m updating them when I can, and our remasters are now bumped to 16:9 at 1920 due to a nifty, new piece of post-production equipment. I’d highly recommend LegitClips when we do shoot new content. You’ll get it at $2.99 as opposed to membership subscriptions. And Dogfart Fan, thanks! Love the ideas! I’ll run them by my boss!

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