4 thoughts on “Lisa Ann: What Are They Doing Now?”

  1. Hey Billy. You know what else she’s doing now? Toeing a really thin line, trying to remain oh so “professionally neutral,” in a very PR, reading a pre-written statement from the lawyers, type of way on the recent brouhaha concerning a certain Mr. Dick… Or was that Deen? Either way. I will just add that, as an ‘Id’-iotc consumer, I do enjoy watching Mr. Dick’s scenes though. Anywhore, from my vantage, you epitomize everything respectable about the adult industry. That’s all I have to say on this and that otherwise I will go on a four hour rant.

  2. I would check the site every 3-4 months to see if you might be posting again.Welcome back Billy.

  3. As for Lisa Ann…good for her.
    Hope makes a lot of money…and keeps a significant amount of it.
    Way to diversify “the brand”.

  4. Hey Billy,

    Why don’t you make some porn that features Asian women cucking their white husbands with black men?

    In the Mark Zuckerberg era with the amount of beta losers who use Asian women as a substitute for white women, this would be fucking hysterical.

    Just go on YouPorn.com and look at the downvotes on videos featuring black dudes and Asian women.

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