5 thoughts on “Scarlett Fay — Industry Vet You’ve Probably Never Heard Of…but Need to Know!”

  1. Pleasant gal. I get the feeling she could be trusted in the directors seat somewhere down the road.I volunteer to be her first “IR”. Really dig the Orange-County-girl -next-door-types.

  2. The moral of the story is don’t fall in love with a pornstar. The industry treats these women better than a normal relationship does. Sex and money what more can you ask for. People would rather live a fantasy everyday than deal with real life. Everyone always ask why porn? There is no damage. The damage is your on the receiving end of falling in love with a pornstar. These women are not dumb. They are in top physical condition. Porn maintains their lifestyle. Husbands and boyfriends can’t do that. I don’t even ask why anymore. I may ask how to I can bang them but I don’t ask why they are in the industry. Sex is not bland or boring in the industry. These women are always the center of attention. They are always wanted. If your dating or married to a pornstar you going to start neglecting her in some way and she is going to flee, regardless of all the emotional handcuffing you do. Just be happy with the moment if you are good enough to experience life with these women. Sex is not as dirty as everyone thinks and it makes a lot of people fell alive.

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