12 thoughts on “A Post-Scene Interview with August Ames”

  1. You should get this girl booked for blacksonblondes! Ive seen her do IR before.

  2. Yeah,she’s a butterface just now. Those tits however…just got-diggity-dayum! A great pair of tits real (like hers) or not…will carry the day every time. I think her face will “soften” as she ages.Beyond some cosmetic dental work…she need’nt be in any hurry to get any face work done. Her little “spinner” body is gonna fill out perfectly over time too.

  3. I agree with the “butter face” comments. She’s pretty hot, but over-rated. When I saw some her very first work come out a few months ago, I had to do a double take because I literally thought she was this relatively unknown model/actress chick, who I wont name, but it turns out she’s not. That’s what I was excited about, but as time has gone on, I’ve seen pretty much every one of her scenes (wont name sites) and I just think she’s over hyped and over rated. Everyone loves natural tits, I can dig that. Personally, I absolutely hate fake tits. Let’s be real, a fake rack like Bibi Jones’s, which I literally could not tell were fake, is literally 1 in a million.

  4. She has a manly face – reminds me of Ronaldo. Ronaldo has better skin though.

  5. Knew nothing about this girl so I checked her out on a couple of other vids. Interesting to hear her say that she’s a late bloomer. If that is indeed true then her skin should clear up some more once all those hormones recede. She could also help her complexion out by putting the cigarettes in the garbage. I wish her luck in the industry. Hopefully she keeps her head on straight. She’s got the natural gifts.

  6. She doesn’t need any more tatts. She just needs to figure out what is breaking her face out. The close ups did not do her justice. If the cumshots are breaking her out she is pretty much done. I know if she is reading any of the comments she will refer to them as haters but there are women in the business that have less acne. Women pretty much look flawless in porn. Maybe someone has a acne fetish. Careful talking about other women from you state that might have throw a hex on you, starting with your face. I would be humble.

  7. She doesn’t need dental work. Aside from all the negative comments everyone knows they would smash if they had the chance. Also whoever did smash would never tell her about her acne to her face.

  8. I really wish women would stop smoking. It does make them age way before their time.

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