8 thoughts on “Barely-barely Legal Natalie Monroe”

  1. She is so perfect.
    Them braces really give her that innocent look, school girl or something.
    Gotta love her!

  2. I would love see her on the others sites too, manojob and thedicksuckers. She’s great!

  3. [Edited out by Billy] is actually her name. Sad she doesn’t even mention [edited out by Billy]. Billy’s note: I usually completely delete douchbaggery comments like Josh’s, but what the hell…let’s all see what a douchebag Josh really is.

  4. Hey! What happened to your youtube videos! :,(
    I liked them. Some of them had really great conversations.

    Will you ever Re-upload them here or something?

  5. I went to school with natalie too, she wad such whore. Atleast she gets paid for it now. But i feel bad for her kid.

  6. wow, im older than her dad! sweet! this is the first time i actually jerked off to completion to an interview only! sweet face!

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