9 thoughts on “Jezabel Vessir — New Girl on the Block”

  1. Pretty girl…naturally smart..She’s got the face,the lean figure,and the sunny demeanor to be a stereotype-destroying “crossover” star.That being said…I’ve seen some full body pics of her. She will (still) need a boob lift SOON. A woman her age should’nt have tits that look like a 30something mother of two.That’s not about “standards of beauty” according to race.It’s about the toll gravity and genetics is taking on her rack. Not exactly sure why the industry has a problem with finding gorgeous black girls. (although I have at least three theories that might explain it) That aside-good luck with it… kid.

  2. Thanks for trying to talk her out of doing porn. It’s important for her to keep being reminded she has other options. On the other hand, maybe her sweet nature and obvious intelligence will help make porn a little less threatening to people who are on the fence about porn. (I don’t think anyone will change anti-porn fanatics.) Jezabel Vessir has one of the key aspects of being a star, which is that people want to protect her, and keep her from being hurt.

  3. She is a stunning lady, naturally beautiful.
    I’m sick of plastic stars with their plastic egos. She is wonderful. I think we ought to enjoy her while we can. Don’t think she’ll be around for long

  4. Well I guess she changed her mind very quickly because I’ve watched several scenes of her sucking & fucking white dick……

  5. why do they have the camera all up in her face instead of doing like other stars when they are interviewed you can see all of them especially since jezebel is a fine sister

  6. OMFG! Beautiful and smart, with full knowledge of the implications of her actions. I have seen her films since, where she has moved into more interactive porn, and she is delightful.

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