Par Lay Vew, Frenchy?

Lorilei Lee

I am in France.

Where the ladies wear no underpants.

The hotel lobby is cozy, and there’s Americans all over the place. There’s a nice lady sitting down next to me now, and she wants to know where there’s “good coffee” around the hotel.

I think it would be harder to find a place with bad coffee. Anywhere in Paris has good coffee. I’ve already discovered that.

I’ve also discovered the Latin Quarter, and Super Ass. Gyros, and Shakespeare and Co., and a few medieval churches that are world famous.

I should say I rediscovered all that stuff, cause I was here a decade ago.

And I have no idea what I’m doing today. Just kinda going with the flow, I think. I might actually see if I can find a little porno shop to see what’s changed since the last time I was here: in ’97 it was “barely legals” (age of consent here is something like 16) and Bestiality (dogs and horses and goats Oh My!) as well as movies featuring #1 and #2 (oh! those whacky Germans!)

What will it be in ’07?

Here’s my pal Lorelei Lee. Here’s her blog. She’s showing you her nipple. Right before I shot her doing some black dudes.

But you see that now, don’t you?

(PS: Thanks MQ for all the dandy Parisian ideas…I’m taking you up on some of them!)

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