Various Random Porno (and non-porno) Events


Usually I blog a particular topic, but today I feel like blabbing about all sorts of shit…so, each paragraph of today’s blog is its own “topic”, whether it’s a current event, or a rant, or a rave…or showing you some of what the fans are asking for:

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As you probably know, there’s a halt on production in Porn Valley. A performer named Cameron Bay has come forward and ID’d herself as the performer who has tested positive for HIV. I’m not sure if the follow-up test has confirmed her HIV status, but no one is shooting. Or should be. Rumor is that Cameron has a boyfriend, or a partner, or some sort of fuckbuddy “friend” that’s gay-for-pay. And rumor has it he’s been in straight flicks, too. Like I said, other than Cameron’s first test coming back positive, all the rest are rumor and speculation and should be treated as such. My deepest sympathy to Miss Bay in this terrible situation, and I am hoping for a good end to it all.

This HIV crisis comes immediately after it was learned a male performer named Alex Gonz has been running around Porn Valley for God-Knows-How-Long with Hep C.

Which came immediately after another male talent named Clover had a false positive for Syphilis.

Ready or not, dear fans, condoms are on the way.

Speaking of that, I went to a Porno Meeting at my Porn Lawyer’s office to discuss how we’re going to comply with the new law requiring condoms. It was a hoot. Lotsa fun. Since it was a closed-door meeting, don’t expect me to blab about what went down, other than I’m doing my best to follow a law that’s impossible to follow.

Speaking of that, the LA Department of Health folks dropped by my studio to check it. They liked my place, gave me a thumbs up, and afterwards we chatted a bit. It went something like this: Me: “So, how do you guys like your new responsibilities with the porno stuff?” Them: “We didn’t vote for this.” Me: “Do you think all this is warranted?” Them: “We’re more concerned about a potential health crisis at, say, Belmont High (local LA inner-city high school) than all of Porn Valley.”

I caught NOBUNNY Sunday night at Echo Park Rising, which is a local music fest. Great show. Fun night for all. Should I mention that I was particularly fond of his tight, red underpants that night? And No Way Am I Gay.

I just shot Gauge, who hasn’t really been in a skin flick since 2005. I say “really” cause she did a scene the day before she came by my studio. Gauge was super cool. No diva here. I interviewed her from my YouTube Channel, and I opened up with “What happens to Porn Stars when they leave Porn Valley for good?” cause that’s what lotsa fans ask me. “Whatever happened to SOandSO? I loved her scene with FillInTheBlank!” I’ve kept in touch with some of the models I’ve worked with in the past, and if I had to take a guess, I’d say over 50% of them remain as Sex Workers, but in a different capacity, whether it be stripping, escorting, or maintaining their Sugar Daddy’s happiness. Some do go get educated, and then head off into the “normal” workplace…only to be haunted by their past. It’s such a shitty situation. People love to out their favorite Porn Star in the workplace, but almost all the time it ends with the employer either terminating ex-Porner…or ex-Porner leaves the workplace after being harassed. I do know a few girls who have maintained a normal job, but not many.

Breaking Bad is winding up to be the greatest television show ever produced. Even better than Walking Dead, which is great in its own way.

Wanna hear another funny Stunt Cock story? So I’m shooting a scene the other day, and Stunt Cock is still new, and definitely unpredictable. Here’s some examples of Unpredictable Stunt Cock behavior on a porno set: Can Stunt Cock speak so others understand him while he’s “acting”? (Note I’m not even concerned with how bad Stunt Cock’s acting might be). Will Stunt Cock maintain wood? Can Stunt Cock hold his nut til the end of scene? Will Billy Watson even get his scene? And, up to the transition from first position to second position, Stunt Cock was doing great. Except maybe with the Mumble Mouth problem. He even kicked ass through the pictures, which is the hardest part of the whole “work” day. (I take all pictures first, before we go to video, for a number of reasons: talent gets to “know” each other better before video; we get all the pictures out of the way so they can just perform during video; etc etc). So Stunt Cock kicks ass through photos, then kicks ass through position 1…then he just stops. Rubs his head like he’s got a headache. “What’s wrong?” I ask, fearing the worst. “Come here. I need to whisper something in your ear.” Knowing the worst is about to come, I walk over to him. “My girlfriend died Sunday.” This revelation makes my head spin, for two reasons: 1) if he’s telling the truth, why the fuck is he on my set in the first place? 2) if he’s telling the truth, which I highly doubt, how can he get through the hardest part of the scene (pictures) and first position and then suddenly stop? After he tells me, I keep calm, tell him things are gonna be OK, and he says something like, “I’ll try to finish”, but by then I know it’s over. Now it’s time to reschedule the whole thing and pay out kill fees. And I call him out for being a liar. Which is risky on my part, and I know that. And I know he’s gonna flip, which he does. It’s not til a few days later The Truth is told: Stunt Cock lost his load during first position, didn’t tell anyone, then threw the dying GF drama in my face. Poor Stunt Cock! He was so distraught he could only make it through the first position before premature nutting whilst grieving (silently, of course) for his lost love. Nice, huh?

Oh, how I love my business! Almost as much as NOBUNNY.


10 thoughts on “Various Random Porno (and non-porno) Events”

  1. Speaking as a fan…and only for myself:

    I will not watch condom porn.
    I will not purchase condom porn.
    I will not watch or purchase condom porn.

    I understand worker safety is important. Too bad it does’nt mesh with what I prefer to watch.Fortunately…there is decades of classic non-condom porn to watch.Companies with a deep catalog will just have to tough it out with that.They will of course become artifacts as soon as the fist generation of holographic / erohaptic porn arrives.BTW…Glad to see Gauge back in the business.A pretty little spinner who delivers great sex on screen.Too bad about her timing.

  2. As a counter-point to Dr. Vegas’ comment above — I’m completely, absolutely, totally OK with condom porn. If the performer is attractive, enthusiastic, and into the scene, I’m gonna nut and enjoy myself whether I can see a tiny piece of rubber separating their genitals or not.

    I appreciate that the performers are taking a certain health risk by working in the industry, and I’m OK if they want to minimize these risks.

  3. My preference is for condom free porn BUT if that is the way the entire industry is going then what else is a “reputable” production company to do? If you must shoot +condom porn then please use a variety that is harder to see or go with black or brown condoms. The glare from the reflection of lighting in the studio is so distracting. Also if possible, don’t use them during BJs and no dental dams!

  4. I like to know why people in porn are not in an uproar over the Alex Gonz? Reportedly, he’s been working Hep C+ since 2010! If pornstars actually saw patients with liver disease or HCC they would lose thier shit!

  5. @dsv:

    Blame it on the general industry indifference to it’s talent.Just a little more discretion in the way of :

    * No more male crossover performers.
    * No more stupid gangbang / bukkake / DA DV penetration / extreme anal anything.
    * Tighter watch & blacklisting of women who lead risky “off-screen” lives.
    *Producer paid testing.All of it.

    I’d like to think that the reprieve from AB640 (mandatory condom law) would be a sobering last chance wake-up call to put things right. It won’t.

  6. hey billy, that is amazing. did you jack off to her sucking black cock and than tell yourself it’s just a job again? How much black sperm have you consumed at this point anyway? I know I know you just do this shit for the money; Oh vey.. Your not gay billy. YOUR NOT GAY> Whatever helps you sleep at night man.

  7. Your job is a very interesting one and I am sure that a lot of people love to hang out with you while you’re working. Gee, you’re earning while enjoying at the same time!

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