One thought on “Ah, the good ol’ days…”

  1. Indeed. I STILL appreciate a “pleasantly thick” woman.Defined here as curvy without being fat…full firm breasts…(mostly) healthy lifestyle habits.A good example would be the body types found in the 50’s,60’s & 70’s…from that “Betty Page” template.Good examples today might be Siri or Sophie Dee. That being said…there has been a disturbing trend during our current obesity epidemic-of women who are just genuinely & unattractively FAT to jump on the “thick” bandwagon.PLEASE.STOP.THIS.
    My preference is to the lean / athletic with nice rackage.(real or fake…young or not) Such as:Rachel Starr…Mia Malkova…Blake Rose…India Summer.I could do a full page on what I like but you get the idea.

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