5 thoughts on “Claire Heart Loves Her “Daddy”.”

  1. I gotta adopt me a little girl just like that! Hottest interview yet (even better than the chick who got turned on just by the *thought* of getting spanked)

  2. I could be into the “daddy fetish” thing.Problem is girls like Claire are fewer in this day & age.In the real world some girl always wants a “daddy”…she just does’nt want it from you.’Aint that always how it goes?

    P.S. She’s quite personable…and cute as a button.But clearly it’s time for her to start taking better physical care of herself.High metabolism is a fickle friend.From the looks of things…I’d say she has less than a year left before things get wobbly.Get that ass in a gym…NOW!

  3. I get teh feeling you think you are some sort of avant garde new world bodi doing these interviews. Instead you come off like the prototypical hipster doofus. I kid. She’s cute for a broken down white girl. I hope to get a handjob from her when she’s working the truckstop in a few years. I’ll even provide the laxtex gloves. You need to get her double analed by your rotundarie of ebonic talking negroes with questionable sexuality. That would be super hawt homo.

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