3 thoughts on “It’s Jessie Rogers!”

  1. Among the most honest interview(s) you’ve done with a porn girl ,Billy.
    That’s saying a lot…considering that porn girls tend not to hold anything back.
    Jessie just went above and beyond.That anal fixation thing is so very “Brasilian Catholic”. Other than that…she’s basically an American white girl in every way.Agree with Dr. Filonkee about her boob job.Next time Jessie,just spend the money and get with a Beverly Hills doc for that.The boob docs in The Valley are total hacks.
    She should at least try to graft some of the incredible music of her birthplace into her life…as she gets older.I would suggest starting with Bebel Gilberto.

  2. Another great interview. Jessie’s a cool girl. Just your ordinary sexy girl. Not a fan of most boob jobs but she’s fun to watch. Even clothed, and not having sex.

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