No Apologies Here.

Chelci Fox

I’ve clicked through a lot of blogs, and it’s common to see writers apologizing for their lack of updates. And let’s face it, once a blog hasn’t been updated in a few weeks, it’s as good as dead.

Which is to say you’re only as good as your last blog, right?

I dunno. But lately, I just haven’t had much to say: my health is fine, shooting’s going as expected, and my personal life is as good as it gets.

I don’t want ISP to sound like a broken record.

How much can I say about Ruth Blackwell, and gloryholes, and Spring Thomas, and spunky mouths, and Katie Thomas, and handjobs, and Chelci Fox, and interracial sex, and jizz on a girl’s glasses and eating a whole bunch of ass?

And do I really open up and talk about my private life outside of porn?

See what I mean?

Ruth Blackwell is kicking ass.

The gloryholes are all real.

Spring Thomas loves her vacation.

Spunkmouth is spunky.

I dunno what to say about Katie.

Handjobs rule cause it’s the safest sex around.

Chelci Fox has the best tits in the business, and that’s why I built a site around her.

Why do people love interracial sex so much?

Guys don’t make passes at girls who wear glasses…NOT.

Ask any porn whore and they’ll tall ya…eating ass is yummy.

Maybe you thought I was joking…but I really don’t have much to say.

Gimme a few days. I promise I’ll have something fun for you!

In the meantime, go read Barbie’s blog. I find it wonderfully demented.

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