9 thoughts on “Bibi Jones Announces Her Retirement”

  1. Ms. Bibi Jones, good for you. You realized, before it’s far too late, that porn might not take you the places you need to go in life to become successful. I am so proud of you! It took me a lot longer past the young age of 20 to realize what I had thrown away in life. I hope that you find peace and happiness within yourself, and feel better about the beautiful, capable, intelligent woman that you are. Good Luck to you! 🙂 Signed, a former porn actress

  2. That was pretty moving to watch someone make a decision like that. Its nowhere near the same circumstances, but i’ve been thinking about stepping down from my job as well. I think this video might have inspired me to do so.

    Good luck to you Britney.

    Also, thanks for embedding this video so i don’t have to wade through all the youtube comments.

  3. She seems so grim and unhappy.
    Nobody wants to see a pornstar like that.
    Sexual bliss is a joy to watch. She doesn’t have it.

    Best of luck finding happiness elsewhere.

  4. She was a boring performer anyway. Maybe she’ll be a good gold digger now.

  5. i know she’s a stripper in phoenix. i’m almost positive she escorts too. with so much on her plate, i do not know why she went into porn in the first place.

  6. The business was’nt for her anyway. Kinda’ reminded me performance-wise of that 90’s babe Savannah: Really hot to look at.Zero sensuality or energy.Good luck in future pursuits kid.It can only get better from here.

  7. Good Luck Bibi. I hope your next move brings you to a happier place. You’re a beautiful girl, and I enjoyed watching you. Thanks for the good scenes.

  8. That was a whole world of dull. That was 50 shades of dull. That redefined dull. Bibi Jones used dumb chat to make dull her bitch. That was dull.

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