5 thoughts on “Five Pictures”

  1. Seeing these pictures has a funny affect on me. I guess seeing the princesses as “people” as opposed to the “actor” adds a sense of rawness to my thoughts. I’m sure these girls didn’t grow up thinking that they would be playing solitaire while smoking a butt in between waiting to suck another cock on camera in an industrial park. Nor did they dream of the day that they would be reapplying makeup after taking eight ropes of cum to the dome and smiling as another photo is taken of her degradation. No judgement but we have to admit, whether you like it or not, having a man soak your cheeks with population pudding is degrading. Interesting what the mind can accept as being ok. Once you taste the high life I guess going back to where you grew up to work at Wal Mart or as a receptionist is not an option. Every scene takes a little piece of your soul with it it seems though.

  2. These photosets that are new to your blog are pretty cool… keep ’em comin! Easier to glance at and observe than the full video interviews (which are cool too, don’t get me wrong!) hahahaha

  3. Agreed diggy. The pix & video interviews just take the blog to another level.Good work…keep ‘er goin’ Billy.

  4. Great pix. I love a good BTS. As much fun as watching the scenes themselves is, there’s something fascinating about seeing a glimpse of what actually goes on at a shoot. Unfortunately I don’t keep up with the current crop of stars, but the girl in the bottom picture looks great. Who is she? Thanks.

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