9 thoughts on “Remy LaCroix Announced Her Retirement Today. But We Didn’t Talk About That Here.”

  1. Okay, sorry, Billy, but I gotta do this, because you fucking knuckleheads have chewed another one up and spit her out, and this is one of the many reasons why your “industry” is dying. Frankly, I’m stunned that there even is a porn “industry” anymore. That girl is like, what, 5′ nothing, 90lbs. soaking wet? You really think she enjoyed being ravaged by a gang of coal-black negro-savages(humorous hyperbole) with cocks the size of her arms? I mean, fuck, billy, is anybody buying this shit, either literally or figuratively?

    Not that you’re gonna lose any sleep over it, and not that my lack of patronage is gonna have any net effect on you or the LA porn industry in general, because I never watch your porn to begin with, and if I did I wouldn’t pay for it – but, fuck, man. For one thing, I don’t watch interracial porn. Not for any stupid-ass racist reason, but just because when I watch a porn scene I like to imagine that it’s me getting a blowjob or whatever, and it’s slightly easier to do when the dick somewhat resembles mine. When the girl is on her knees seductively teasing the camera, then all of the sudden three giant, purplish black snake looking things pop into view that don’t even look like they should be attached to human beings… it just fucks the whole fantasy up for me. I mean, these dicks you shoot look like they have a life of their own. Like they are sentient beings with their own heart and lungs and central nervous system. They remind me of that plant from Little Shop of Horrors. I picture them restlessly writhing around just waiting to be let out while these stunt cocks go about their everyday business, like smoking weed and drinking forties with the Nutty Blocc Crips, or getting viagra and valtrex scripts from the local porn doctor, or whatever porn dudes do when they’re not fucking on cam.

    And it’s funny. It’s funny that the kind of porn I want to watch – young, attractive people who appear to actually like each other having sex in non-gymnastic positions until he ejaculates in her – it’s funny that this is a fetish. You know, normal sex. No. Normal in the porn world is – chicks theatrically screaming and talking dirty and getting spat on and having dudes feet stuffed in their mouths and heads flushed in toilets and begging for a load on their face or whatever, which no woman, once, ever in history has done for any reason except second-guessing what her douchebag boyfriend might like. Everything you guys put out is just such a fucking ridiculous self-parody, such a gross exaggeration of the alleged fetish. So, you want to see a guy cumming in the girl? Well, we’re gonna have her theatrically yelling “OOh, cum in my pussy with your big black fucking cock” and then he pulls out so just the barest tip of his cock is still in so the most possible jizz will graphically ooze out, which she then squeezes into a martini glass on top of a plexiglass coffee table so you can film it from underneath, and then drinks the jizz out of the martini glass – I mean, what the fuck, man. I can’t believe the Los Angeles area porn industry hasn’t already collapsed as a result of the shitty fucking porn they put out. I would sooner fuck my own girlfriend than jack off to this stuff.

    Ironically, That kind of porn: you know, with people that actually enjoy fucking each other; that shit is free, anyway. Uploaded on tube sites by horny couples and jilted ex-boyfriends.

    That’s the problem – you make porn for this tiny segment of fucking nutjob porn watchers that live in this twisted, hypperreal cyber sex fantasy where there is always room for bigger and more cocks, always room for more cum. I mean, I read the “farewell” comments on Remy LaCroix’s (Is it an uppercase C? Sounds French) and it’s all, “Hey Remy, before you go, can you please have Billy Watson shoot you in a triple anal/double pussy penetration scene with the biggest black cocks on the planet, and can they then all cum in your eyes while you hold them open? And then can you let the cum drool down into your mouth and play with it for twenty minutes, maybe snort some of it like coke?” Don’t worry, he’ll do a bts scene with you beforehand so he can alleviate some of the guilt he feels by contributing to your degradation as a human being. Basically turning you into a human fuckdoll.

    And then, despite having had decades to advance in the arts of storyboarding and editing and general production value, still in these porns, at least half the time there is a petal-pink scrotal sac unwrinkling right in the exact place an eye would naturally focus in the frame. It’s just the whole thing is a fucking unimaginative circus – completely absurd. And you know it. Hey, you come across like a pretty nice guy, I’m sure there are plenty of girls that say you’re the nicest director to work for, but you are also very aware of exactly what it is that you’re doing.

    Anyway, I didn’t write this to knock you, sorry if it came off that way. I don’t begrudge you for trying to make a living, and I definitely don’t want to come off sounding self-righteous. Remy thought she knew what she was getting into, anyway. Whatever, I’m just bored and it was fun to write.

  2. Ah, my good friend Bully — going off! I like it bro, and I’d like to respond. At first I was gonna take it paragraph by paragraph, but then I realized that might be too much, so I’ll just say this: like all that came before her, and all who will come after, Remy chose our biz…as well as the jobs she took while working in it.

    I won’t really comment on your taste in porn — other to say I agree with you; hence, my sites: MrPOV, MJ, and TDS. Oh, and the sites that do portray everything you don’t like about porn do very well…it’s a much larger audience than you’d imagine.

    Finally, I appreciate your readership and the time you take for all your comments, especially this one, and I welcome you to guest blog here anytime you like, cause the most righteous you got on this comment is when you said it’s “fun to write”.

  3. I just discovered your site a few days ago, and I find it quite interesting. I have always wondered what the inside world of porn is like, what the girls are actually like, who gets into porn and why, how long they stay, why they get out, etc. These interviews are very good. I only hope they are honest and not contrived. They seem honest. but you never really know if people say things simply to promote some personal website or whatever. If you keep these truly honest and insightful, I think you could do some really interesting and valuable work here by trying to show the human side of the porn biz. There really is not a whole lot of honest information out there on these things.

    As far as the last comment, I agree that most porn is distasteful. I really do not enjoy the weird stuff out there. What I enjoy is simply seeing healthy looking and beautiful people having natural looking, hot sex. The more natural the eroticism, the better. I wish more people would focus on that, rather than the cruder aspects of porn. I mean, seriously, most girls do not enjoy having a guy cum all their face, being pissed on, having their asshole stretched out like a balloon, or ganged banged by numerous strangers (though a lot do fantasize about the gang bang). Most highly sexual women just enjoy good, hot and erotic sex. This is what I enjoy seeing in porn. I like it when porn depicts a healthy, natural sexuality.

    Anyway, this a great blog. Keep it up, and the more interviews you post, the better.

  4. Playing devils advocate here but to the guy above isn’t “healthy sexuality” just another way of saying socially conditioned sexuality? Just say you like what you like, equating it to some norm or standard just ain’t gonna cut it anymore.

  5. Well, I actually sat down and thought this one out. Usually when I comment here I just shit out a bunch of mental diarrhea in the comment box real quick and slap it up. Thank you for the offer to guest blog , I actually might take you up on that. And actually, I have never seen any of your porn, which means you must be doing a good job keeping it off of the tube sites. I’m sure it’s good though.

    If I have something particularly interesting to say that I think might be relevant to your blog, I will let you know.

  6. Today I announced that I am totally into this girl. I gotta know, though, did you eventually make good on the alley fantasy? If you didn’t you should be kicked out of the industry.

  7. Is she fucking Cajun? What’s with that fucking name. I don’t like it one bit. Meh. One more black cock slut bites the dust. There are ten million to replace her. She kind of looks like a poor man’s jada stevens. Minus the honker. I imagine in two years I’ll catch her act out on route 4, after I’m done with my country fried steak special, where she starts every sentence off with ” i have a degree” nom nom nom. Bitch. Just make me cum in my pants and get on with it. No one care except your horribly disapointed parents. I mean your mom. Your dad doesn’t care. He’s just waiting till the next time he can cornhole you.

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