6 thoughts on “Kaylee Hilton, Before the Scene.”

  1. Billy u think if I paid kaylee $500 she let me know where u live?
    will find u bitch boy

  2. will find u bitch boy, just might pay one of your bitches in LA $500 to let me know where u live

  3. Wtf is up with that mk. Stalking and threats? Internet stalkers are cowards.

  4. @Good Sam — yea, interesting threats. I wonder why? He could be one of those dudes who hates the IR work I shoot…but who knows. I’ll let all comments fly unless they’re totally irrelevant (most are the incessant “I’m a dude who wants to get into porn please hire me Billy” ones) or they post a porn girl’s real name. Finally, the keyboard warriors do seem to be the cowards — yep.

  5. I didn’t even realize this bitch was still in the business. She’s kind of done everything already. You need fresh meat faggot. Get on it. Or Bobbi Starr because you can’t get tired of watching her fuck but I think she’s evolved past this racial degredation shit. Unfortunately.

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